Authorities Issue Warrant For Dunlop's Arrest

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January 28, 2008 — We were expecting to hear his sentence today but instead authorities have issued a warrant for Perry Dunlop's arrest. The former city police officer credited with blowing the lid off child sex abuse allegations in Cornwall did not appear before a higher court in Toronto this morning to answer a charge of contempt. That contempt charge stemmed from Dunlop refusing to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry last fall. At that time, he was ordered to re-appear before the inquiry but he failed to do so. Today, we were expecting to hear what his sentence on that contempt charge would be but instead of a sentence, Dunlop will be taken into custody. Dunlop currently lives in British Columbia. He will be transported to Toronto next month so he can hear first hand what his sentence will be. Lead Commission Counsel Peter Engelmann tells AM 1220 News the court found it very important to have Dunlop before them. (Hear audio clip below) Dunlop could not immediately be reached for comment.


Warrant issued for Dunlop's arrest

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28 January 2008

Cornwall (Staff)

The Ontario Divisional Court has issued an arrest warrant for former city police officer Perry Dunlop.

Dunlop was found guilty in November 2007 on contempt of court charges after he refused to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

The bench warrant, however, won’t likely be enforced until mid-February - closer to the date the court will be sentencing Dunlop, said lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann.

“Either they’ll arrest him, or he’ll turn himself in,” said Engelmann.

Dunlop did not show up at today’s hearing in Toronto. The date for the next divisional court hearing has not yet been set.