Police seeking person who dumped baby in Toronto parking garage

A baby girl is lucky to be alive after she was dropped on a concrete floor and abandoned in a freezing stairwell at the Finch and Leslie Square shopping mall in North York yesterday.

Toronto police say they don't know the name of the little girl, who is believed to be between six and eight months old, but after reviewing security footage they now know who dropped her and are giving that person the chance to come forward.

Last night at a news conference, Staff Sergeant Don Cole described the footage of the incident as "horrible to watch" as the person literally dropped the tiny child on the concrete steps.

"Basically she was just dumped there," Staff Sgt. Cole said in an interview.

Police say a lone shopper who chose to park upstairs at the two-level parking garage discovered the crying baby at about 12:30 p.m. yesterday. At first, the woman thought the child was a doll, and it wasn't until the baby began to whimper that she realized it was a living infant.

Temperatures in the stairwell when police arrived hovered around -14, and the child was dressed only in a white jumper, pink shirt and green hat.

"The baby was not dressed for the conditions," Staff Sgt. Cole said.

The child was bleeding from the mouth and nose. She was taken to North York General Hospital with obvious signs of trauma, although nothing considered life-threatening, police said. She is now in the care of the Children's Aid Society and is doing well, police said.

Had it not been for the woman who chose to park on the top level of the complex near the corner of Finch Avenue East and Leslie Street, the baby might not have been found until it was too late, Staff Sgt. Cole said.

"She was the only person to walk by in a considerable amount of time and found the child," he said. "Otherwise the baby would probably still be there. Police set up a command post near the plaza and canvassed the area, distributing pictures of the baby, hoping someone could identify her.

"You've got to take into account the mindset of somebody who would do this," Staff Sgt. Cole said. "My concern is for any other children that are associated with this family and the condition of the parents."

Police are also searching for a green four-door Ford Escort.