Police: Women attacking, robbing men at Dallas bars

07:38 PM CST on Friday, February 8, 2008





DALLAS - Police say they believe at least eight cases of men robbed, and in some case beaten and possibly drugged, may all be connected to women targeting men at ritzy hotel bars.

Dallas police said the women have chosen the Ghostbar at the W Hotel to target at least three males.

"They are more or less forcing themselves on the men, and they get real aggressive with the men," said Detective Mark Jenkins.

Surveillance pictures taken of the women show them going in and out of the hotel. Police said they may be able to link at least eight cases going back to November. In some of those cases, they may have drugged their victims' drinks.

"Shortly after meeting them," Jenkins said. "Then, the rest of the night is a blur until they wake up the next morning and find their property missing."

Police said all of the men were wearing expensive watches.

The latest victim said he was at a bar when three women asked him to dance, and asked continuous questions about his $2,000 Rolex.

"She said, 'Oh, I need to check the time,' and kept looking at my watch," he said.

He then said the women coaxed him into their car, and once inside, robbed him of his watch.

"They started beating me," he said. "I couldn't find my watch until one of them said, 'Take out the knife. Take out the knife.' One started screaming, 'Stab him. Stab him,' and then I decided to get out of the car."

One woman has already been arrested, and police said they are looking for at least two more. Police said they believe the women are part of a larger group that has robbed men in other states as well.


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