Fathers around the world

April 13, 2008


■ AUSTRALIA: There is no legal requirement for paid paternity leave, though about one-third of working men get some form of paid paternity leave from their employers. The average duration is 14 days.

NORWAY: Men in paid work for six of the past 10 months can share up to 44 weeks' leave at full-pay with the child's mother. Six weeks are reserved for the father. Paid out of social security and employee/employer contributions.

NEW ZEALAND: Mothers and fathers who have been in jobs for six months can split 14 weeks' leave while being paid up to 90% of the average weekly wage, about $NZ390 ($A330). The government foots the bill.

BRITAIN: Two weeks' paid leave is available to men with weekly earnings of more than 87 ($A184) who have worked for the same employer for 26 weeks. Men get the lesser out of 112 a week or 90% of their average weekly earnings. Paid out of social security.