Khadr judge at Guantanamo Bay relieved of duties


Globe and Mail Update

May 29, 2008 at 6:25 PM EDT

The military judge in the Omar Khadr trial in Guantanamo Bay has been relieved of his duties, a move that Mr. Khadr's defence council claim is a direct result of the judge siding with the defence on a number of evidence disclosure issues in the controversial military tribunal case.

In a brief e-mail message circulated Thursday afternoon, Military Commissions chief judge, Colonel Ralph Kohlmann, announced that Colonel Peter Brownback, who has served until now as the judge in the Khadr case, is to be replaced by another colonel, Patrick Parrish.

Defence officials in Washington told The Globe and Mail that Col. Brownback had been planning to retire. However, it was not clear why the judge would retire in the middle of an ongoing military tribunal case.

Mr. Khadr's U.S. military defence lawyer, Lieutenant Commander Bill Kuebler, said the sudden change of judge comes after a recent commission hearing in which Col. Brownback “threatened to suspend proceedings in the case of Omar Khadr if prosecutors continued to withhold key evidence from Omar's lawyers.”




You Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canad) wrote: Star Chamber justice is not unique to the United States. There can be no doubt that the dismissal of this judge is solely because George Bush made a political decision to express his displeasure at the decisions of the judge. So much for the Rule of Law.
If you want see disrespect and perversion of justice, just go to 161 Elgin Street or any other family court in Ontario. Every day, fathers' get their pleadings struck, get hit with draconian judgments that are not based on evidence but simply what ever crazy order a crazy mother asks for.
The swing of the pendulum is not rectifying the problem of male gender apartheid. The very serious problem flagrant abuse of judicial power is getting worse by the day. Now judges are increasingly sending father's to jail for simply seeking access to their children, while camouflaging their jail sentence as a failure to pay support, based on incomes that dont exist or are obviously false claims.
Ontario had better start building some super size jails for a super sized problem that involves criminals wearing black robes called family court judges. Ottawa Mens Centre dot com