B.C. orders investigation of polygamous sect

Globe and Mail Update

VICTORIA British Columbia's Attorney-General Wally Oppal has appointed a special prosecutor to weigh charges against people involved in alleged misconduct in the polygamous community of Bountiful, B.C.

Vancouver lawyer Terrence Robertson will conduct a charge assessment regarding allegations of misconduct in the community, the criminal justice branch of the Attorney-General's office said today.

The appointment is the latest development in a long-running controversy over polygamy in Bountiful, a community in southeastern British Columbia that has been the focus of calls for prosecution for more than 20 years.

Pressure to crack down on polygamy in Bountiful ran into worries that charges would not stand up against a constitutional challenge.

Two outside legal opinions sought by the province concluded the quickest way to resolve the matter would be refer it directly to courts to determine the constitutional status of polygamy.

The special prosecutor is to conduct an independent charge assessment review based on results of an RCMP investigation and other materials.

The outcry over Bountiful has increased since an April raid on a polygamist community in Texas.

Residents in both communities are members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a polygamous religious sect.






The Wally Oppal Crusade against polygamy is a pitiful example of a gross abuse of power, political power instructing their legal assassins with pens to go make an example of the illegal immoral polygamists.

Wally Oppal would be better off investigating BC's Women's shelters that act as "one stop divorce shops" and the thousands of feminist lawyers who fabricate evidence and encourage their clients to make sure children never see their father again.

Our commentary in the Globe and Mail


Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: The Wally Oppal Crusade against polygamy is a pitiful example of a gross abuse of power, political power instructing their legal assassins with pens to go make an example of the illegal immoral polygamists.

Wally Oppal would be better off investigating BC's Women's shelters that act as "one stop divorce shops" and the thousands of feminist lawyers who fabricate evidence and encourage their clients to make sure children never see their father again.

Wally Oppal should look at making sure BC Children have a right to be parented by a mother and a father Equally. We have gender neutral law but in reality we have MALE GENDER APARTHEID that is contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms but political puppets like Wally Oppal would rather go chasing polygamists who actually provide children with a mother and a father.

Perhaps Wally Oppal should send his "special investigator" to infiltrate the lesbian sects that carefully plan for men to become unwilling unsuspecting sperm donors and then ensure that he pays support and never sees his child again.

We live in a very sick world that thinks its perfectly ok for a Child to be denied the right to have a father replaced by a person with female sex organs but dresses like a man and who in many cases simply decided to come out of the closet after getting rid of the father with false allegations.

Perhaps Wally Oppal should send his special investigator to Family Court and do something about the epidemic examples of perjury in Family Court. You see, most family court judges condone perjury, They do nothing about it, even when it is blatantly obvious.

I recall one judge catching a gray haired local feminitizi lawyer telling very obviously false statements to the court. No prosecution, nothing more than a 3 minute lecture on how wrong it was and improper. No prosecution and she did it again next day. Ottawa Mens Centre dot com


Wally Oppal has got his wires crossed. Polygamy is not necessarily child abuse. Everyone knows that yes, the FLDS Texas ranch has ONE person convicted, is that evidence that all children there are being abused? NO.
is Polygamy evidence of child abuse in BC? NO, Wally Oppal has got the issues all wrong.
Child Abuse is child abuse, psychological child abuse is very politically incorrect to even mention, its just so much easy to stick to broken bones and blood.
Yes, there is evidence, very large numbers of abused boys, who grow up without a family, expelled to allow a few dirty old men to have young brides that is very close to breaking the law but they know the law and probably skirt around very carefully. That's is apparently the legal opinion that Wally Oppel has been told.

Again, its called spot the issue, the issue is "are children in danger and in need of protection" NOT are they men who broke ancient law that men should not have more than one LEGAL wife? Give me a break, Has Wally OPPAL never had an affair why he was married? Surely if he did it would be NONE OF OUR BUSINESS, and would that make his children in danger and in need of protection?

The fact that one man has several wives may actually provide a far better quality of parenting that the classic two women who decided to end their marriages to men and become lesbian duel mothers while making sure the children never saw dad again.

Whats more harmful to children? Again, thats a diversionary question, its totally irrelevant, the relevant issue is "Are children in danger of harm and in need of protection", The harm is generally psychological, not physical or sexual.

There are a host of other legislative tools that need to be employed to deal with SECTS of any denomination who brain wash children from birth. That needs strict legislation as regards "HOME SCHOOLING" which is how SECTS BRAINWASH children into being abusers and victims from birth to perpetuate the problem. Ottawa Mens Centre dot com


Wally, show some balls, go to talk the the "male victims", show some gender neutral objective "legal reasoning". Show some prosecutional skills that reflect positively upon the administration of justice.

Wally, your legal advice has already told you that if you want a polygamy conviction you might as well seek a conviction for consenting anal sex between two adult males. Would you like to get a special prosecutor for that offense?

Wally, you are drawing attention to the fact that consenting adults can chose to have multiple partners, and its only a matter of time before they have legal marriage certificates to protect their legal rights. Why should they have to "remain in the closet" legally and lose protection of charter rights because the state chooses to ride a dead horse, a very old very dead horse no matter how much you decide to dig in those legal spurs, your polygamy horse is not going anywhere.

Now, when are you going to do something about women who habitually break court orders for access, When are you going to put up a 'dead beat mother" web site for all the mother's that fail to provide access as court ordered?

Your courts treat such contempt as a joke. If you don't forget the polygamy and deal with real live issues you are just likely to become a "Gilbert and Sullivan" "a former Attorney General".



What a pity 22 minutes is off the air till September!
Just imagine, Wally Oppal and the Polygamy Crusade should get quite a high laugh index. The idea of prosecuting who? Is he going to prosecute several women for being married to a man? Just how is he going to do that if none of them have a marriage certificate between that man and them?
Just how is he going to prosecute any woman for being in a relationship with a man if she is married to another woman? Which just happens to be the obstacle that the clown prince of BC Justice faces when he decides to prosecute two women married to each other for living with a man at the same time.

Can Wally Opal do that? Sure, if he wants to become the clown of Canadian Justice.

Lets see, what could be the most stupid thing Wally Opall could do in law? How about go on a prosecution for an offense that results in legal rights for men and women in plural marriages?

How about raise publicity for the religious sects and the polygamous life style of plural marriages?

The porn channels are watched by men and women who like to see multiple sex partners, just how is that illegal between consenting adults?

Is he going to make it illegal for women to watch each other having sex with the same man in the same bed?

Whats next in the stupidity list, I know, make it illegal to write fiction about or produce videos about the subject of polygamy and multiple sex partners?

Dear Wally, once upon a time, Mr. Trudeau declared for ever more that the government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation. The fact that it stated a graveyard spiral of the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, is irrelevant, so is the fact that we live in a society that encourages the destruction of marriage and encourages mothers to terminate children's relationships with their father.

Canadian children who deserve a legal presumption of equal parenting after divorce.


Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: Seriously, its politically incorrect to show male victims of abuse. The BC cult is famous for expelling boys, to make room for older men to have multiple wives. Thats child abuse, pure and simple, there are hundreds of boys who have been turfed out of their families to live in slave labour sheds to exploit them as cheap labour.

That is abuse, the problem is the CULT has yet to be told to cease and desist, which is the first step. They are following a tradition, who are you going to punish, a very dead very criminal former sect leader Joseph Smith who set in motion a cult to perpetuate child abuse as a religion?

The fact is, they know its wrong, and the first responsibility of Wally Oppal is to END the abuse, SECTS of any religion pose serious risks of psychological child abuse that hides behind Religious Freedom.

The state has a responsibility to enact "home schooling legislation" that addresses the problems of Cult education that creates multiple generations of psychological child abuse.


BaB OmimO accurately stated the issue, There is no probable cause, not for a prosecution of a polygamous marriage.

I doubt that there is not a judge in Canada who does not find the idea of such a trial to be humorous. The accused will come out of it as national heroes who fought for the legal rights of polygamous marriage, just as spectacularly as the same sex marriage.

The reality is, just as Judaism has a lot in common with Christianity, Heterosexuals probably have more in common with polygamous marriage than same sex marriage.

Lets face it, most heterosexual don't watch gay porn but probably consist of those who watch group sex between members of the opposite sex.

Wife swapping is rampant in many western communities, there are entire internet sites that specifically cater to those who want multiple relationships and no one claims that these are harmful to children or cause harm to society. We may regard them as unstable and loonie but most of us are just not interested unless of course it creates a risk of harm, probable harm that crosses the line to probable cause on the balance of probabilities that enables child protection workers to become involved.

Child Protection workers need legislation framed to deal with the problem of CULTS, call it Anti-Cult legislation or what ever but it should apply to any form of cult that brainwashes children from birth and poses a long term danger of repeated generations of childhood PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE.




Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: The Texas CP Workers do not look like fools. Read that judgment, only a small number of mothers who signed agreements got their kids back. They still have the power to ensure those agreements are in place to give them more power should those agreements be broken.

Now, everyone deserves the presumption of innocence.
The publicity machine of the BC government and Wally Oppal is attempting to have a political trial, that must be creating incredible damages to the men of Bountiful who are presumed to be innocent.

The government has what is called "DIRTY HANDS", it stinks, its using the press to vilify those who may never even be charged with any offense or if charged convicted?

Just how can those men get a FAIR TRIAL?

What act by an Attorney General can be more stupid than to deny the right of an accused to a fair trial?

So much for the integrity and independence of the office of the Attorney General of British Columbia.

Just watch the rats jump off the sinking ship when the BC government realizes their incredible embarrassment.

Will Wally jump with the rats or will he be throw overboard to the sharks?

This has got go down as one of those classic examples of Canadian Legal & Political Stupidity.


Conservative Lisa MacLeod should stay out of attempting to influence the court. Obviously the female "victim" of plural marriage has had her opportunity to slam her husband with her version in the national press.
No one knows if her information is in fact true.

I don't doubt that it is true, it all had a ring of truth to it but the reality is that this matter will before family court shortly if it has not already arrived there and Ontario Law will decide the issue.

Any more attention to Plural marriages will only cause an increase in the number of converts that they obtain.

The talk from Ontario does not sound good.
Perhaps the Ontario AG should be setting up a special investigation into corruption in the Ontario Judiciary, except who would oversea such an inquiry?

Some Ontario judges have reputations for leaving behind trails of destruction. Some are man hating creeps from hell who have no empathy compassion or passion, in sum, many are exactly the wrong sort of personalities to be in a courtroom.

It is in the chronic area of Family Law that the Ontario AG needs to deal with first, but odds are, they will just keep pandering to Ontario's extreme feminists with their pathological hatred towards men.