Judge rules Ontario JPs can work until age 75


From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

June 3, 2008 at 4:31 AM EDT

An Ontario judge has struck down mandatory retirement for justices of the peace at the age of 70, clearing the way for the province's 350 JPs to potentially work until they reach age 75.

Mr. Justice George Strathy, of the Superior Court of Ontario, said the provision violates equality guarantees in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and provides no adequate justification for downgrading the contributions of older workers to society.

"A retirement age of 75 ... will assist in attracting qualified and accomplished individuals to the position and will allow them the option of retiring at age 65 or continuing in their roles - making useful and satisfying contributions to their bench and to society - until age 75," he said.

Judge Strathy said it is difficult to understand why JPs were left out in the cold when the province elected in 2005 to abolish mandatory retirement.

"The legislature has confirmed that mandatory retirement is a serious form of age discrimination and has abolished it in the public and private sectors," he said.

"There is no evidence in the record before me of any reasons for the selection of that age - as opposed to any other age - in any of the debates in the legislature at the time, or indeed, of any analysis of this issue on the part of the government, either then or since."

A lawyer for the JPs, Mary Cornish, said in an interview yesterday that JPs who wish to continue working will in future be required to provide a medical certification of fitness each year until they reach age 75.

In an average year, JPs deal with 1.7 million charges under the Provincial Offences Act, including tens of thousands of bail hearings and thousands of search-warrant applications.

The Crown argued that mandatory retirement does not diminish the dignity of JPs, and that it is an important element of preserving judicial independence.



Our commentary in the Globe and Mail


Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: Canada has a load of justice problems. Just imagine if Canada raised the retirement age of Bus Drivers, Train Drivers and Airline pilots to 75. Would you really get on a Greyhound Bus or Jazz jet with a 75 year old driver?
Now, would you get in a Jazz jet with a 75 year old pilot who never learned to fly and got his licence in box of cornflakes?
The picture becomes clearer when you learn that JP's require precious little legal education prior to becoming JPs yet,
if you open your mouth in Canada, make any public criticism of Gyudges, or Gudges, you know those guys that sit on the bench? You are just as likely to end up behind bars. Canada has next to no freedom of speech. Believe it or not, there is a incredible probability of ending up in jail, as a result of offering public criticism of the a.minist.ration of Gus.tice, That's right, even the G&M has got its filters on to prevent any post that may offer any criticism of you know who.



You (Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: ou see, those JP's who have never been a lawyer get to hear all those bail hearings on those brave enough to speak out in Canada. Fathers in particular who speak out about the INCREDIBLE hatred that oozes out of Canadian Kourt-rooms have a very high probability of being arrested and charged with fabricated criminal charges. The average Canada will unfortunately think this a loony writing . Wrong, our jails are being filled quite rapidly with an increasing number of fathers who fight in family court to see their children. Gudges to get rid of their protests and public statements issue draconian orders for child support based on incomes that NEVER EXISTED, and make all sorts of orders that enable that same judge to virtually incarcerate such a person indefinitely for life.
It means, a narcissistic Gudge who habitually flagrantly abuses his power, can simply make orders that amount to a deportation order from Canada or face indefinite repeated incarceration.

There is now an increasing number of exiles in Canada who live virtually under bridges because they have no country to flee to. Why are they there, because we have some of the lowest forms of life sitting on thrones and bringing the Admin.istration of Gudstice into ill. Repute.

So, the moral of this story is, if you wish to express such a valid opinion of public importance in the G&Mail, just think like a s.pamer



You (Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: Courtrooms are absolutely wonderful places to fall asleep while injustice cruises on.

Almost every day, thousands of fathers hear the news that they will never see their children again in the form of an entirely unexpected visit from the police resulting from a determined woman who wishes to press three buttons and get the father dispatch service in the form of partner assault squad who deem any concern or outragious allegation of vindictive woman as a genuine "fear" that becomes "probable cause" sufficient to have him arrested on a bogus charge.

Several days later, the same father gets to have a hearing in front of a sometimes sleepy JP who really does not have a clue about law who is about to hear arguments that require a real practical legal education in order to sort the out fiction from fact.

On such hearings, often the decisions of a JP have permanent repercussions that can create incredible destruction and never ending litigation.

Canada's Gustice Cystem is a very sick joke where the hatred towards men just oozes out of the court room walls.