The rule of law prevails

From Friday's Globe and Mail

June 13, 2008 at 7:55 AM EDT

The United States' prison for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been fatally undermined. Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the president and Congress cannot deny a prisoner at Guantanamo the right to cry out to an independent judge in civilian courts that he is being wrongly detained. With that, it is time for President George W. Bush to ensure that the walls of Guantanamo come tumbling down.

This is a constitutional ruling for the ages. The issue was whether the Constitution could be switched on and off at will, as Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the 5-4 majority, put it. Dissenting, Justice Antonin Scalia warned that Americans would die as a result of the ruling. But Justice Kennedy wisely said security exists "in fidelity to freedom's first principles."

Detainee hearings at Guantanamo have been rigged by the state. The men who brought yesterday's case are Bosnians who were suspected of plotting to bomb the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo; Bosnian police turned them over six years ago to U.S. authorities. When a U.S. military tribunal declared them enemy combatants, they had no lawyers to represent them; they were not allowed to know the most important allegations against them; they had limited means to find or present evidence in their defence; and there were no limits on the state's use of hearsay, making it impossible for them to challenge witnesses. And because the Supreme Court had ruled it acceptable to hold prisoners for the duration of a war - and the war on terror could last a generation or more - these men faced a virtual life sentence.

No wonder a British jurist called Guantanamo Bay a legal black hole. And no wonder all Western countries, except Canada, insisted that the U.S. send their nationals home. Only Canada has allowed its citizen, Omar Khadr, arrested at 15 in Afghanistan (he'll be 22 in September) to disappear into that black hole. Let the process work, the Harper government says. But the very foundation of the process, as the U.S. Supreme Court says, is unlawful.

Whatever value Guantanamo Bay had in extracting intelligence from its prisoners has surely been exhausted by now, for almost all the detainees.

Serious terrorist suspects should receive fair hearings in U.S. civilian courts. Mr. Khadr should be handed to Canadian authorities, who can decide, in accordance with Canadian and international law, how to deal with him.

Guantanamo is a blight on a proud democracy. The Supreme Court's stirring decision is a triumphant moment for the rule of law in the United States.






Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: Canadian Judicial Bias is Insidious, From one side of Canada to the other, Family Courts are now making decisions so biased against men, it is a declaration of war by the Judiciary against men.

Every day, hundreds of Canadian men are shipped off to jail for nothing more than being fathers wanting their children to have a relationship with them.

Every day, Ontario Judges are "striking pleadings" issuing orders for 'security for costs" and restraining orders that effectively deport fathers from Canada under threat of constant repeated imprisonment for on bogus decisions ordering child support payments on incomes that never existed.

Only a few judges appear brave enough to decline women such requests. The norm is now that any woman can have any decision she asks for before the court and if the father objects, he has NO RIGHT OF REPLY.

Judges remove father's right to reply by doing indirectly what cannot be done directly.

Our judges especially Ontario Superior Court Judges are blatantly and flagrantly CORRUPT.

Many are "on call" to make decisions as "favours" for "feminist lawyers" "in a jam".

You see, in Ontario Family courts, fabrication of evidence, perjury is all perfectly ok by lawyers, If you are a feminist lawyer, you can lie to the court, you can personally fabricate evidence, you can even be a witness and not a single judge in Ontario will say anything.

If you think the worst people in society are Karla and Paul, think again, we have some who call themselves judges and spend their entire judicial careers sanitizing obstruction of justice by lawyers and encouraging the feminist community to keep doing the same thing,
fabricate evidence, make allegations void of any real evidence and obtain almost any wild and crazy decision asked for.

Its not rule of law, its judicial abuse gone crazy. Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: Rule of Law in Canada is a sick joke.
A self admitted terrorist in "camp justice" has more legal rights than
most fathers in Canada who seek to have a relationship with their children.

Ontario Judges are now routinely issuing orders that "cannot be varied" that result in indefinite repeated incarceration FOR LIFE.

Their only offense is to seek a relationship with their children.

If you thought Mrs. Doubtfire was an example of judicial bias you have no idea what is going on in Canada.

If you are a male, thinking of coming to Canada, THINK AGAIN, it is a lawless society with a cesspool of judicial abusers hell bent of flagrantly abusing their judicial power to criminalize men, totally destroy any man who seeks to have a relationship with his children.

Our Ontario Superior Court Judges are some of the sickest abusers in society who have no conscience what so ever. They think nothing of making orders that totally remove any future legal right of access to the courts for any reason whatsoever.

These decisions are being made by Ontario Superior court judges and NO ONE seems to understand that there is no rule of law in Ontario.

Its a very sick judicial system that encourages the sickest and most vile in our society to flagrantly abuse their power.

If you are a male, a father, and headed for family court, be warned, the level of Male Gender Apartheid is beyond the comprehension of the average person until its too late and their lives are also destroyed by yet another very sick example of the underbelly of the Ontario Judiciary who think nothing of ensuring a child never sees their loving deserving father again.