Ontario boosts rights protection


The Canadian Press

June 30, 2008 at 8:34 AM EDT

TORONTO — Ontario residents filing human-rights complaints will have faster service and access to free legal support as a result of changes to the province's Human Rights Code taking effect Monday.

“We're bringing human-rights protection into the 21st century,” Attorney-General Chris Bentley said. “We're making sure that the rights outlined in the code actually have the strong public protection they require.”

The changes to the code streamline the process for individuals who feel they have been discriminated against, Mr. Bentley said.

Under the old system, anyone with a human-rights issue filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission for review. If the commission ruled that the complaint had legitimacy – a process that could take months to complete – the case would then be referred to the Human Rights Tribunal.

Of the 2,300 complaints filed to the Human Rights Commission in 2006 and 2007, 7 per cent were rejected before being passed to the tribunal. The cases that were referred could then take up to five years to resolve, Mr. Bentley said.

Now, Ontario residents will bring their concerns directly to the tribunal, bypassing the commission. The Ministry of the Attorney-General estimates the new system should complete hearings within one year.

“It's a bit overwhelming if it takes you four to five years to have a hearing,” said Soma Ray-Ellis, a Toronto-based lawyer specializing in human rights and employment issues. “Now, we should be able to see hearings very quickly.”

Ms. Ray-Ellis called the old process “harassing in and of itself.”

Ontario residents will also be able to access free legal advice to guide them through the process, a move that Mr. Bentley calls “the first of its kind in Canada.”

“People who were bringing complaints to the Human Rights Commission realized that the law is pretty complex,” he said. “They needed some legal support.

“They're going to have the type of legal support that they've never had before.”

The legislation also removes a $10,000 cap on awards for “mental anguish” caused by discrimination.

Ms. Ray-Ellis said that is important “because if you look at the United States, you can get millions of dollars in damages for human-rights issues.

“They only protect a few things, but they give you big awards. In Canada, we protect a lot of things, but traditionally we have given out small awards.”

The law also outlines that individuals can now be compensated for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect.

Other changes to the law include an extension of the window to file a complaint to one year from six months. The previous stipulation eliminated 50 human-rights complaints in 2006 and 2007.

The legislation, passed in December 2006, has been in the works since the 1990s.

Mr. Bentley said the system originated almost 50 years ago and had become outdated and slow.

“There was an almost universal call for change,” he said. “At the end of the day, we don't strengthen human rights protections by procedures that are too slow and too cumbersome.”



Commentary in the Globe and Mail

Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: HRC is a sick joke. Get fired for real discrimination and any legal action will take years, employers simply laugh it off as a joke as do most of the posters on this forum.

The reality is Canada is a sick dysfunctional corrupt society that encourages blatant bias on the basis of gender. Men are assumed to be violent criminals when ever a woman says so, a reverse onus is applied to a male victim who frequently is denied even a trial, its all done in Family Court by dead beat judges who see their role as 'front line workers" in the "war against men".

The greatest abusers of human rights in Canada are the underbelly of the Canadian Judiciary who believe that they can send men to concentration camps for no other real reason than being father's seeking to protect their children's right to a relationship with both parents.

Our nazi like Family Court Judges in some cases chew father's up and spit them out apparently for reasons of entertainment or revenge for daring to make public their on going war against men.

Family court judges like the Dishonourable Dennis Power, Alan Sheffield routinely "strike pleadings" or issue "vexatious litigant orders" or "restraining orders" to deny father's access to the courts by engaging in "the process of justification" that is, they defy logic and the evidence to come up with decisions that simply permanently prevent or deny a father the right of access to the courts and rely upon the Ontario Court of Appeal to "get rid of cases" if it ever gets that far. According to Family Court Judges, Fathers don't have any rights let alone human rights. www.OttawaMensCentre.com

It's only a matter of time before Canada's international reputation for justice falls amongst the worst in the world. In many ways Canada's judiciary is already as low as it can go.

Take our Ontario Court of Appeal , men very rarely have any success, its riddled with man hating feminists hell bent of white washing lower court decsis

Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied and thats HRC in a nutshell. HRC is specifically constructed to take so long to resolve issues that it is a effectively a figment of imagination when it comes to enforcing rights.
You might as well say those sent to Hitler's concentration camps had the right of appeal, obviously they did not and neither do fathers seeking access to their children. Our family court judges simply criminalize any father who seeks access and issue orders that are guaranteed to cause their indefinite repeated incarceration for life.

Family Court Judges are the greatest abusers of rights in the history of the western world. They will be remembered in history as professional child abusers who flagrantly abuse their judicial powers for politically correct reasons or personal reasons of revenge.

Out Judicial Council is an equally sick mascaraed of justice that does not exist. Like the HRC the CJC is specifically constructed to do the exact opposite of what it pretends to be, its sole role is to make sure complaints are buried or sanitized. www.OttawaMensCentre.com