Guns and ammo among evidence presented at Khawaja trial


The Canadian Press

July 7, 2008 at 6:35 PM EDT

OTTAWA — Police found three rifles, 640 rounds of ammunition and an array of digital electronic components when they raided the family home of Momin Khawaja in March 2004, the Ottawa man's terrorism trial has been told.

They also found a pellet gun and a much-perforated paper target duct-taped to a pock-marked concrete wall in the basement of the house owned by Mr. Khawaja's parents, RCMP Corporal Taro Tan testified today.

But defence lawyer Lawrence Greenspon insisted none of the evidence proved his client was part of an alleged plot by Islamic extremists to attack targets in Britain.

All the rifles were properly registered and Mr. Khawaja had a licence to own them, Greenspon noted in court.

“I don't think that it assists the Crown's case in any way,” he later told reporters. “It shows somebody who was in possession legally of firearms and ammunition and had been involved in shooting and target practice.”

Mr. Greenspon also noted, during his cross-examination of Cpl. Tan, that many of the electronic components were discovered in the bedroom of Mr. Khawaja's older brother Qasim – along with $10,000 in cash tucked under Qasim's mattress.

Asked outside the courtroom if he believes Qasim Khawaja – who faces no criminal accusations and is not on trial – may nevertheless have played a role in the affair, Mr. Greenspon chose his words carefully.

“You'd have to ask that to the Crown,” he said. “Qasim has not been charged. You get some idea of the contents of his bedroom from the evidence today, but I don' know that anything more can be drawn from it than that.”

Momin Khawaja faces seven counts of terrorism-related offences, including a key allegation that he built a remote-controlled electronic detonator for use in setting off fertilizer-based bombs in and around London.

Five of his alleged colleagues were convicted by a British jury last year and sentenced to life in prison. Mr. Khawaja, who has pleaded not guilty to the Canadian charges, is being tried separately by Justice Douglas Rutherford without a jury in Ontario Superior Court.

Previous testimony from Mohammed Babar, a former al-Qaeda operative turned police informer, has indicated that Mr. Khawaja took weapons training at a camp in northern Pakistan a year before his arrest.

Surveillance conducted by the British security service MI-5 – and not contested by Mr. Greenspon – also indicated that Mr. Khawaja showed his British associates Internet-based pictures of a device, dubbed the Hi-Fi Digimonster, assembled in his parents' home in the Ottawa suburb of Orleans.

It's that device, say federal prosecutors, that was intended for use in the British bomb plot. The plan was foiled when police and security officers swooped down on the U.K. conspirators before they could do any damage.



Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: The admitted evidence is already the sort of evidence that looks and sounds quite damming. So far, the Crown has done dam good job.
The rifles and ammunition by themselves is the kind of evidence that probably makes everyone feel very sleepy, and is akin to asking for a reverse onus that absent some reasonable excuse his purpose was not legal, that will not fly with the gun crowd who could make him a hero victim. Then there is the ammunition, at first it sounds like AK47 ammunition but 500 rounds just happens to be the number of rounds that you buy in a box for around $100 at the time he purchased the box of ammo. The crown now has the added job of proving how the legal possession of 7.62 ammunition makes him a terrorist. Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: Pst, Do you know Real Terrorizors are in Ottawa?
I do, they are found at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa and called the underbelly of Ontario Superior Court Family Division Judiciary, aka The Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal of Ontario. They engage in Taliban like reasoning, that is, they are the Feminazie equivalent of Sharia Law with less logic and a collective pathological hatred towards fathers and men in the Justice system.
Judges like the Dishonourable Dennis Power and Allan Sheffield just to name two of "the worst" who issue draconian orders that in plain language are called "get out of town orders" or "get out of Canada orders", that's right, without ANY evidence these two judges will simply do what ever a woman asks of them without ANY evidence to support the demands to "make cases go away" "without ANY Trial". their weapons are not an AK47 or a 6 105mm artillery shells tied together but called "orders for security for costs", orders for child support on income for which no evidence was even presented, orders for that a litigant can never even respond to a legal matter or vary any order already made regardless of any change of circumstances.

These home brewed legal terrorizors like to engage in Bin Ladin type examples of justice of "setting examples". That is if you make any public criticism of our infamous judicial disgraces and judicial abusers, you will incur their collective wrath and "revenge". Their orders effectively deprive the victims of "any legal process", thats right. No doubt the Taliban would give their accused a hearing, In Ontario Canada, if you are a father seeking access to your child, you can be banished not only from an entire city but also effectively deported from Canada under the alternative of a lifetime of repeated periods of incarceration. Next time you go looking for terrorizors, just read the unreported decisions the underbelly of our family court judges.