War resister's deportation on hold

Jul 09, 2008 02:24 PM

Nick Kyonka
Toronto Star

American war resister Corey Glass has been given another chance to argue his case for staying in Canada.

With his looming deportation scheduled for tomorrow, the Toronto resident was given a reprieve this afternoon by the Federal Court, his lawyer said. He would have been the first U.S. army deserter deported from the country.

"He's been granted a temporary stay," said his lawyer, Alyssa Manning, of Parkdale Community Legal Services, shortly after receiving notification of the ruling this afternoon.

While no reasoning was provided in the initial ruling, handed down by Deputy Justice Orville Frenette, Manning had argued yesterday that the immigration board had erred in denying Glass the right to remain in the country during two separate hearings earlier this year - a Humanitarian and Compassionate Review hearing, and a pre-removal risk assessment. Both hearings are routinely held for people with failed refugee claims.

"He is permitted to remain in Canada until the Federal Court makes a decision on both cases for judicial review," Manning said.

The former National Guardsman served as an American military intelligence officer in Iraq for eight months before deserting the army on a temporary leave of absence.

Just one of about 200 known American war resisters currently residing in Canada, Glass has lived in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood since coming to the country in August, 2006.


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