Mountie found guilty of assault with taser

The Associated Press

August 11, 2008 at 4:46 PM EDT

100 MILE HOUSE, B.C. A B.C. Mountie has been convicted of assault with a taser stemming from a police call to a pub in 100 Mile House.

Constable Dan Cameron will be sentenced at a later date for the December, 2006, incident.

Constable Cameron and two other officers were called to a pub on Highway 97, and arrested the man who was hit with the stun gun.

A provincial court judge ruled that while use of the taser was not excessive, police did not have grounds to arrest the man in the first place, so Cameron's use of the stun gun was not warranted.

Constable Cameron's sentencing hearing will be scheduled for next month.

An RCMP spokesperson says Constable Cameron remains on active duty at the 100 Mile House detachment until after sentencing and the outcome of a formal internal disciplinary hearing.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre in the Globe and Mail

Monday August 11, 2008


Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: Tazering, arresting someone on "a charge" is often a way of a police officer being judge and literally executioner on what prosecutors call "probable cause" which can at the worst case be an unfounded allegation without a shred of evidence made by a mentally ill violent woman seeking to ride on the back of the courts, especially the Family Court's pathological hatred towards men. Police officers generally see themselves as part of that "war on men", all in the name of domestic violence. Across Canada, especially in small towns or cities, men are arrested, roughed up especially when they are publically critical of the Family Court judiciary.
Last Friday, the NDP (read No Dads Party) leader Jack Clayton was the subject of a protest by 3 fathers from F4J. No violence, just hanging out a protest sign from the top of Jack Clayton's office.
Police used stun grenades and took the opportunity to rough up at least one of the fathers.
The the cops got nasty. They threw them cold cells, and used all the other dirty tricks to literally exact revenge for these 3 men uttering something politically incorrect against one of the greatest insults to equal parenting in Canada, that white ribbon gutless wonder who has persistently failed to express an iota of support for a mandatory presumption of equal parenting after separation. Jack probably finds more political support amongst the two mommies brigade and has chosen which bed to lie in. If you are a father in Canada vote at the next election but DONT VOTE for the No Dads Party. See the record of judicial bias at