The Ontario Government tramples on legal rights! The Mark Bogan Story


August 12, 2008


On Friday 3 F4J protests climbed on the roof of Jack Layton's office and hung a protest

sign over the front of the building. The police eventually used stun grenades and arrested the

three protestors. Two were released on incredible conditions that trample on legal rights.

Most disturbingly, Mark Bogan was given a "get out of Ontario order"

and hit massive security requirements that they knew were just outside his range.

The goal is to keep him in jail until he pleads guilty and it could otherwise be months

before he is released. Such is the Ontario Government's pathological hatred towards fathers.

It starts with people like Jack Clayton who was famous for his involvement with extreme

feminists who paint men as second class human beings and who have obtained a very corrupt

influence over the Ontario Judiciary especially the "underbelly of the judiciary" who make draconian orders

designed to deport from Canada any Canadian citizen who dares to be critical of those underbelly judiciary

who are engaged in a war against any father who seeks to enforce a child's right to a relationship

with their father.


Mark Bogan was  released on $4000 cash bond. $6000 surety.
He must leave Ontario in the next 7 days.
He is not allowed to enter Ontario unless to meet with Legal counsel or to appear at court.

(that is what is called a banishment order)

He is prohibited from associating with anyone in F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada.