Police say mom had 12-year-old girl drive her to bar

Associated Press

August 15, 2008 at 6:35 AM EDT

LONGVIEW, TEX. A 35-year-old Texas woman has been jailed after police say she made her 12-year-old daughter drive her to a bar.

Police in Longview say they watched a minivan turn into a driveway without signalling on Wednesday and bump into a home at a low speed. They say the car was driven by Jennifer Lynn Rosenberg's daughter.

Police say the girl told an officer she had just dropped her mother off at a bar. They say they found Ms. Rosenburg at the bar and that she admitted having her daughter drive her there.

Ms. Rosenburg remains in the Gregg County Jail on a $2,500 (U.S.) bond. A jail official declined to say whether she had an attorney.

A spokeswoman for Child Protective Services told the Longview News-Journal that the agency is investigating.




Our commentary in the Globe and Mail

You (Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: Notice that there is no mention of the girl's father?
Increasingly any father who seeks a relationship with his children against the objections of a mother ends up on jail on either trumped up criminal charges or for failure to pay support based on fraudulent orders or based on income that never existed and or cannot exist.
In Canada, Family Court judges especially in Ottawa are issuing orders for child support without any allegation of income, they just order support without even an allegation of income, simultaneously these insults to justice issue orders striking pleadings, ordering tens of thousands of dollars on security for costs and or vexatious litigant orders that have one goal, the indefinite incarceration of the father simply because he asked for his child to have a relationship with his or her father contrary to a mother's unjustified desire that the child never see the father again. SOME Ottawa Family Court judges are on war against men and issuing virtual deportation orders to Canadian citizens. Our charter of rights and freedoms is a sick joke. Canada is absent the rule of law destroyed by corrupt family court judges who think revenge and intimidation are a desert for their main course of flagrantly abusing their judicial powers based on nothing less than their own pathological personality disorders. www.OttawaMensCentre.com