Baby, my genes made me do it


From Thursday's Globe and Mail

September 4, 2008 at 3:27 AM EDT

If your man is cheating, afraid of commitment or generally wreaking havoc on your relationship, the explanation for his bad behaviour may lie in his genes, not his jeans, a new study suggests.

Swedish researchers say they have found the first link between a specific gene and the way men bond with their partners - a discovery that may eventually help determine why some men struggle with coupledom.

Researchers studied data from more than 550 twins and their partners, and pinpointed allele 334 in the less-committed males, a gene variant that carries code for vasopressin, a brain-based hormone previously linked to pair bonding in male voles.

The findings, published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, revealed men with one or more copies of allele 334 were twice as likely to struggle with relationships than men without the gene variant, says study co-author Paul Lichtenstein, a professor of genetics and epidemiology at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute.

"It turned out that people with a specific allele and gene variant were less attached to their partners," he said.

Women whose male partners had one or more copies of allele 334 said they were less satisfied with their relationship than women attached to men without that particular gene.

But don't drag your new boyfriend to a genetic counsellor just yet. Co-author Hasse Walum warns the findings are preliminary and can't alone predict whether the man's a keeper.



Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Canada's corruption Capital, Canada wrote: Feminist Genetics are increasingly politically correct. We have a culture that demonizes men to the point that men no longer have any legal rights.
Our Ontario Family Court Judges, increasingly with judges with those apparent genetic disposition, have a pathological hatred towards men, especially any father who seeks to enforce a child's right to have a relationship with both parents, the problem arises when one of those parents just happens to have well, had a little accident at birth and been born with testicles.
No doubt, our extreme feminists will demand that boys be given medication, you know, to change their gender affiliation.
In case you think you are dreaming , think again, now
incredible numbers of boys are deemed to be over active, behaving just a little to much like boys so feminist teachers demand thats right, demand that these "over active boys" be put on "medication".

The same women who complain that they no longer have any interest in men frequently admit to having found themselves a sperm donor which is how they refer to the father of the child who never gets to see their dad, thanks to those man hating judges in engaged in the process of justification to permanently prevent a child from ever seeing their father, for no other reason their own pathological dislike of men, especially the self represented.