Ohio woman sentenced to life for microwaving her baby to death


The Associated Press

September 8, 2008 at 4:30 PM EDT

DAYTON, Ohio — A woman was sentenced Monday to life in prison without the chance for parole for burning her baby daughter to death in a microwave after fighting with her boyfriend.

Common Pleas Judge Mary Wiseman lashed out at 28-year-old China Arnold, who opted to watch her sentencing from a side room on a monitor.

“No adjectives exist to adequately describe this heinous atrocity,” Judge Wiseman said. “This act is shocking and utterly abhorrent for a civilized society.”

The judge rejected a plea by Ms. Arnold's attorneys for a minimum sentence of life in prison with the chance of parole after 25 years. A jury last week spared Ms. Arnold the death penalty when it couldn't reach a consensus.

“I am innocent of these charges,” Ms. Arnold said in a statement read by her attorney, Jon Paul Rion.

Ms. Arnold was convicted Aug. 29 of aggravated murder in the death of month-old Paris Talley in 2005. Prosecutors said she intentionally put her baby in the microwave after a fight with her boyfriend. The couple had argued over whether the boyfriend was the biological father.

It was Ms. Arnold's second trial. Her first ended in a mistrial when new witnesses surfaced.

Mr. Rion has asked for a third trial, saying a former cellmate who said Arnold confessed has now changed her story. Mr. Rion said he's also found additional witnesses who point to someone else being responsible for killing the baby.

The judge hasn't ruled on the motion for a new trial.

Mr. Rion said Ms. Arnold loved her baby “with all of her heart and more” and regrets drinking the night of her baby's death to the point of not remembering what happened.

“We have a mother who has lost her own daughter,” Mr. Rion said. “That will plague her and follow her like a shadow for the rest of her life and into the next.”

Prosecutor David Franceschelli told Wiseman that Arnold has shown no genuine remorse.

“The only remorse here is she got caught,” Mr. Franceschelli said.


Commentary by the Ottawa Men's Centre

Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa's Heinous Atrocious family court, Canada wrote: The dirtiest minority of the Ottawa Family Court Judiciary may not "microwave babies" but they leave a heinous trail of destruction. Take Justice Allan Sheffield for example who arranges the issue of a vexatious litigant orders literally upon a phone call. Lazy judges with a pathological hatred for men, dominate the Ottawa Family court judges chambers at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa.
Another judge equally guilty of atrocious flagrant abuse of judicial power is Denis Power, who issued a restraining ordre simply because he did not like another judge ordering an expedited trial of custody that was ordered after fraud being exposed. You see, F R A U D is something that family court judges deem "illegal", they say it can't happen.
The worst abusers, the most diabolical heinous child abusers are not those very obvious mentally ill women who hang their own children or put their babies in microwaves, the very worst, the utter skum of the child abusers are in fact some of the most notorious names in the Ottawa Family Court Judiciary.
Apart from Ottawa, readers, especially male readers should take careful note. The worst of the worst are actually a level of court above, No, its not the Divisional Court of Ottawa, they simply act as a rubber stamp, they are in fact judges from the same chambers sitting ostentatiously appellate court judges. No, even worse is the Ontario Court of Appeal, or the Court of Appeal of Ontario where its dam near impossible for any male to have any success.
Child abusers are the reviled people in humanity, Canadians need to know the very worst are the underbelly of the Family Court Judiciary who are willing to enforce Canada's Official policy of male gender apartheid.