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A suggestion for Chris Bentley that will help reduce court appearances:


October 30, 2008

In each of the numerous cases where the evidence becomes immediately clear that a partner or ex-partner (almost always female) has made a false allegation of being abused, withdraw the charge immediately and arrest the false accuser for mischief, just as section 140 of the Criminal Code compels you to do. Trust me, after a few hundred women get arrested for having their partner/ex-partner falsely arrested, they'll stop doing it nearly as much and far fewer people will be in court.

After my ex-wife's first false arrest in 2005, I had to make about a dozen court appearances before they finally withdrew the charge. To add insult to injury, my ex-wife would occasionally bring our four-year-old to court, and since temporary conditions were placed on me to not communicate with my children except when I had custody of them (every second weekend), my ex-wife would instruct my little daughter, "Don't look at him. He's a criminal."

After the second false arrest (made two days after the withdrawal of the first false arrest), I was forced to make another 10 or so appearances before they withdrew that charge. And the second time, the Crown Attorney in St. Thomas Bill Tymchyshyn refused to withdraw the charge until the very day of the scheduled trial, causing my lawyer to prepare unnecessarily, assigning a substantial yet unnecessary cost to me and allowing my children to suffer even more at their mother's hands.

Oh sure, I can sue the *******, but Bentley would help the system (and individuals) by telling his Crown Attorneys to just smarten the **** up and play by the rules.

POSTED BY: Brad Charlton, London
POSTED ON: October 28, 2008




Commentary in the London Free Press by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Brad's case is typical of thousands of just cases across Canada every week if not every day. Its an incredible production line of police abuse of power controlled by extreme feminists with a pathological hatred towards men, except these man hating women forget that for every man they choose to destroy for "custody" purposes, they destroy a second wife, sisters, mothers, aunts and female children who grow up with dysfunctional mentally ill women.
Ottawa Family Court is probably the most notorious in Canada. Several judges there routinely issue like confetty orders that leave devastating trails of destruction, they are called "vexatious litigant orders", "orders for security for costs" and orders for child support on fixtious false incomes that are guaranteed to put a loving father in jail for no other reason than asking the court for an order for access. Check out the /roscoe file at