B.C. teacher sentenced to 6 more years in Thai prison for abusing boy

Monday, November 24, 2008

Canadian Christopher Paul Neil arrives at a criminal court in Bangkok in October. A pair of convictions will see him spend the next nine years in prison. (Sakchai Lalit/Associated Press)

A Thai criminal court has sentenced a former British Columbia teacher to an additional six years in jail after he was found guilty of sexually abusing a second boy.

Christopher Paul Neil, 32, was already serving a three-year, three-month prison sentence after pleading guilty in May to abusing a 13-year-old victim.

Bangkok's Central Criminal Court announced on Monday his sentencing for a second guilty conviction. In addition to the six extra years in jail, Neil has been ordered to pay the victim's family 50,000 baht, about $1,800.

The boy involved in the second trial said Neil paid him between $15 and $30 to perform oral sex when he was nine years old. Neil had pleaded not guilty.

His lawyer, Ranatchai Chumthong, said the charges were related to taking a child without parental consent, illegal confinement and production of pornography.

Neil was arrested in Thailand in 2007 after a worldwide Interpol manhunt that was launched when German police were able to digitally unscramble internet photos of him sexually abusing boys in Southeast Asia. Neil had digitally swirled his face to hide his identity in hundreds of photos.

Before his arrest, Neil, of Maple Ridge, B.C., worked as a teacher in several parts of Asia since about 2000. He had worked as a part-time teacher in B.C., as well.

The publicity generated during the manhunt led two Thai brothers to come forward in the last year and allege they had been abused by Neil in 2003.

The first case was dealt with in the summer. The second trial began on Oct. 7.

Neil's second sentence was pronounced on Nov. 14 at an unscheduled and unannounced court hearing. The details of the sentence were made public on Monday.

Chumthong said he was preparing an appeal in the second case. Neil is not appealing the first conviction.

Police are continuing to try to identify other victims in the photos, but no other charges have yet been laid against Neil.

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