For Immediate Release


 Jan. 7, 2009

Ministry of Attorney General







VICTORIA – Attorney General Wally Oppal today issued the following statement regarding a special prosecution into allegations of criminal misconduct in Bountiful:


             “Today, the RCMP arrested two Bountiful residents, James Oler and Winston Blackmore, on charges of polygamy pursuant to the Criminal Code. The arrests are the culmination of an intensive, seven-month charge assessment review by special prosecutor Terrence Robertson into allegations that these individuals breached section 293 of the Criminal Code by entering into a conjugal relationship with more than one individual at a time.


            “I am pleased a prosecution will be proceeding, as it will provide legal clarity as to the constitutionality of section 293 of the Criminal Code.


            “It is critical to stress that this prosecution is independent of the criminal justice branch and the Government of British Columbia. Mr. Robertson, as an independent special prosecutor, will have sole charge of pursuing the prosecution through B.C.’s courts and any subsequent appeals.


            “As this matter is now before the courts, I will not be commenting on the specifics of the case.”