Former Liberal MLA to represent Blackmore on polygamy charges

Jan 19, 2009 07:36 PM


VICTORIA Accused B.C. polygamist Winston Blackmore is being represented in court this week by a former member of Premier Gordon Campbell's Liberal government.

Former Nelson-Creston MLA Blair Suffredine is one of the lawyers who will defend Blackmore in a case that is expected to challenge Canada's law against polygamy, and may eventually end up in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Blackmore and James Oler, also charged with polygamy, are scheduled to appear in court in Creston on Wednesday. Both men were released on bail after their arrests earlier this month.

Suffredine says he does not agree with polygamy, but believes Blackmore has an excellent case, especially considering same-sex marriage is legal in Canada.

Suffredine says well-known Vancouver criminal lawyer Glen Orris is also part of Blackmore's legal team. Suffredine lost his seat to the New Democrats in the 2005 provincial election.

Orris, who was part of the defence team for notorious Vancouver serial killer Robert Pickton, could not be immediately reached for comment.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

What is the B.C. prosecutor going to do next, specifically find it illegal for any male to have sex with more than one woman in one day? one week? One month? Wow, that would rule out a fair chunk of the single males. The above is also perfectly legal.  Lets compare polygamy to same sex marriage which is legal. What is more offensive to most Canadians, one man having habitual sex with several other men? That would cover a lot of gay men in Canada, its also perfectly legal not to mention revolting to most Canadians. Two or more women having sex with each other? That drives quite a few PPV channels, Or, one man in a stable relationship with children with several wives? Wow, he should be on Opra giving relationship advice. What about even one woman with several men? The BC prosecution promises to be a very expensive comedy and the most effective promotion of polygamy ever. See the roscoe report at the ottawa mens centre


Canada has a serious economic problem in a declining birth rate. Canada will increasingly suffer from a decreasing tax payer base to provide for the costs of the aged. Polygamous relationships, promote child birth, and they have a very high birth rate compared to any other group in society. In Canada, most marriages are terminated by women because they have large government incentives that promote the destruction of hetrosexual marriage while effectively making it semi-illegal to say anything negative about same sex marriage, that cannot of course produce children. Only a man and a women can produce children and its time for the government to promote relationships between men and women and even one man and multiple women. Polygamous relationships are generally successful, long lasting and produce lots of kids. It promises to be a winner for Canada in the long term by its urgently needed high birth rate.