Judge removes children from mother's control

Girls sent to U.S. deprogramming centre



January 24, 2009

An Ontario judge has ordered that three girls be seized and sent to a parental alienation centre for deprogramming after their mother waged an unrelenting campaign to alienate them from their father.

The children - aged 14, 11 and 9 - were transported several days ago to the U.S.-based centre. After being treated, they will live in the sole custody of their father, a 56-year-old vascular surgeon.

"It is now time for his and the children's fates to be free from [the mother's] control," Madam Justice Faye McWatt of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice said in her ruling. "She has shown that she cannot be entrusted with it."

The judge said the children had become so poisoned toward their father by the mother's "emotional abuse" that they had lost the capacity to make independent decisions about interacting with him.

Judge McWatt ordered the 42-year-old mother - a chiropodist identified only as K.D. - to turn over all the children's clothing, passports and possessions. K.D. was also ordered not to harass the children or go within 300 metres of them.

The judge also gave the father, A.L., the power to confiscate the children's cellphones, pagers, computers and BlackBerrys to prevent their mother from contacting them.

"Hopefully, this decision will send a message to other parents of like mind that, if they alienate children, there is a huge price that will be paid at the end of it all," the father's lawyer, Harold Niman, said in an interview last night.

"This order was child focused and designed very sensitively to ensure that children emerge from this process as healthy children," Mr. Niman said. "My client is a very decent guy who tried resolutely, under very difficult circumstances, to have a relationship with his children. Here, the system worked."

Soon after the couple met in 1993, K.D. became pregnant. K.D attempted to keep A.L. from seeing his first daughter, but nonetheless eventually agreed to marry him.

The relationship became more dysfunctional. K.D. closely regulated her husband's interactions with his child and accused him of sexually abusing the child. Judge McWatt said K.D. appeared to be dominated by her mother, a vindictive woman who had regularly beat her children when they were young.

K.D. and A.L. soon split up, but had two more children during brief periods of reunification.

Judge McWatt found that K.D. - whom the judge described as immature, evasive and completely lacking in credibility - on several occasions precipitated physical confrontations with her husband and berated him in front of the children.

K.D. also refused repeatedly to comply with court orders granting A.L. visitation rights, and invented excuses to thwart them.

Judge McWatt said a psychologist who assessed the family noted that K.D. was obsessive about observing the children when they were with their father, retained an unreasoning belief that he would harm them, and "overprotected the three children to the point of infantilizing all of them.

"Eventually, he was not allowed to see or speak to the children - but was left shouting good night to them through a door of K.D.'s home," Judge McWatt added. "Most times, he was not aware whether they were in the house. He did this for up to two years during this period."

The degenerative series of events ended in the children withdrawing from their father and refusing to see him.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

(Notice how the Globe did not allow any comments on this story?)

Here is our commentary anway.

Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa Capital of Male Gender Apartheid, Canada wrote: Ask any father who has been to an Ontario Family Court and he will tell you that he felt like he was lined up against the wall and led to the gallows where he was tarred in hatred oozing out of the court room walls. Most of our judges are not the rare gems, the saints like Justice Fay McWatt, a female judge too. Wonder how she slipped past the likes of Copps who had her feminist buddies with little legal experience by a strong feminist agenda appointed to the bench.
Justice Faye McWatt is a rare gem like some of the other saints who make up a small minority of the Ontario Judiciary. Every day, thousands of children have their relationship with their father terminated by a dead beat judge. This case will probably be successfully appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal, not because of any "error in law" but because the Court of Appeal historically is the most anti male court in Canada. One female judge has the record of making the most anti male decisions of any judge, very rarely will you see any male in a family matter be successful and that court also has a repulsion for any self represented litigant who in their eyes is vermin depriving the legal profession of income. Remember, most alienation can be blamed directly on judge who makes a "Power decision" or a "Sheffield decision" that effectively puts a man in jail indefinitely for simply asking for access. Check out the roscoe research at www.ottawamenscentre.com / rosce.


Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa Capital of Male Gender Apartheid, Canada) wrote: Ontario's economy will further gurgle down the drain while billions are wasted by the Ontario Superior Court Family Division and the Court of Appeal of Ontario engaged in a "war against men". So rare is it that a judge makes any objective decision, that it makes headlines. Why is it that the K.D. decision makes headlines? This should be happening every day but the reverse happens. We also have a vile underbelly of the Judiciary who make draconian orders that make even feminists cringe. For example, Justice Denis Power and Justice Alan Sheffield suffer from a hatred not only towards men but self represented litigants and think nothing of ending a child's relationship with their father to satisfy a mentally ill violent woman hell bent on classic examples of "Parental Alienation Syndrome". PAS is regarded in Ontario Courts as a taboo dirty word, Fathers are routinely hit with "Power Orders or Sheffield Orders" simply because a feminist lawyer personally fabricates evidence. Take lawyer Lesley Kendall of the Kingston Law Firm Cunningham Swan who fails to deny in court that she personally fabricated evidence and knowingly provided false evidence to the court. Ontario needs to add up the cost of crime, crime committed by feminist lawyers who alienate children from deserving fathers. www.OttawaMensCentre.com