Manitoba wants to bar media from child welfare trial


Jan 28, 2009 05:23 PM




WINNIPEG Manitoba is asking the court to ban media from covering any part of a custody case involving a girl who was sent to school bearing a swastika.

Child welfare workers removed the girl and her brother from their Winnipeg home last summer.

The government is asking the court for permanent guardianship of the children, while their mother is fighting to get them back.

Lawyers for Child and Family Services have filed an application to ban reporters from covering the trial even though they are bound by law not to identify the children.

The application also forbids the parents from talking publicly.

Lawyers say allowing media to cover the case would be harmful to the children, who they say have already been scarred.



Draconian Bans treat the public like mushrooms

Across Canada, child protection lawyers and judges seek publication and "identification bans" for no other purpose than to prevent any adverse publicity. These same organizations have limitless buckets of money to litigate till the cows come home. In Ontario, a very large number of such secret trials are all referred to as "C.A.S. xxx Versus .XX (initials) and anything, that could provide a clue as to who was who is removed.  Many of these cases NEVER GET TO TRIAL, you see, there is a "short cut", its called a "Power order" or a "Sheffield Order" after the two judges who issue more of those orders than any  other judge in Ontario.

The Ontario Judiciary know how to intimidate, silence, prevent publicity and most seriously, "get revenge". Some if not most Ontario Judges operate in a code of silence, akin to the code of ethics of a Mafia board of directors, say anything, anything negative about them publicly and they come looking for revenge, they just use any excuse to hit their public critics with "legal bricks", designed to totally destroy and humiliate in the most degrading fashion anyone who ruffles their feathers. Its a "reverse publicity ban", its a form of terrorism operated by our judiciary and