Canadian convicted of killing daughter to keep boyfriend

A mother in easternmost Canada pleaded guilty on Friday to murdering her only child in a twisted bid to save her relationship with a boyfriend, a court official said.

Penny Boudreau, 34, was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 20 years for strangling her 12-year-old daughter Karissa after her boyfriend had given her an ultimatum: Karissa or him.

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia heard she drove Karissa to a remote spot near the town of Bridgewater in January 2008 and told her to get out of the car.

They argued and Penny tackled Karissa to the ground, pinned her with her knees, wrapped twine around her neck and strangled her.

"Karissa said: 'Mommy, don't'," prosecutor Paul Scovil told the court, as relatives sobbed, according to local media.

Boudreau then drove to nearby LaHave River and rolled her daughter's lifeless body down to the river bank, later discarding some of Karissa's clothes in a public garbage can.

In a bid to conceal her crime Boudreau reported her daughter missing, appearing two days later on television to plead for her to come home before Karissa's frozen body was discovered by searchers.

Boudreau was arrested for the murder in June 2008.