China unhappy as accused smuggler gets Canada permit


February 10, 2009 at 4:13 AM EST

BEIJING — China on Tuesday expressed its unhappiness at Canada's granting of a work permit to a Chinese man accused by Beijing of being a smuggling kingpin.

Permission for Lai Changxing to get a job is another twist in a case that is a thorn in relations between China and Canada. Ottawa has denied Mr. Lai political asylum but it has also been blocked by the courts from sending him home.

“We are extremely concerned about the Canadian side's behaviour,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a regular news briefing.

“The Chinese government is unwavering and consistent in its position that the fugitive Lai Changxing return to face trial under Chinese law. We have already made serious representations to the Canadian side,” she added.

Mr. Lai fled to Canada with his family in 1999, just as Chinese police were about to arrest him. He lives in Vancouver under limited house arrest.

He is suspected of having built a multibillion-dollar operation in which Chinese officials were bribed to avoid paying taxes and duties on goods ranging from fuel to cigarettes that were smuggled into China's southeastern province of Fujian in the 1990s.

Mr. Lai has denied criminal wrongdoing and says that the allegations are politically motivated.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said last week the country had little choice but to grant the work permit.

The courts have ruled that people living in Canada under an order preventing their removal have the right to get a job if they have no other means of supporting themselves, Mr. Kenney said.

The Canadian government has supported China's bid to have Mr. Lai returned, but has been unable to convince its own courts that China will honour a pledge that Mr. Lai will not be executed or mistreated.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

What goes around comes around and, our courts have again, made a politically correct decision rather than a legal decision, its smacks of their usual "nose in the air", "other countries can't have our high standard of law", "they have a backward corrupt state", while giving scant regard to the principles of justice.

Our judges regularly engage in conceited personal or politically correct decisions rather than legal decisions, its part of Canada's sick legal system that begins with politically appointed judges and a judicial council that does nothing but act as a sanitizing agent to dispose of any and all complaints, except of course those that cross the political line, but not a legal line, you see, thats for a judge to decide about a judge and we all know that is unlikely to happen.
They have their own "code of silence" and "brotherhood" that operates more effectively than the Hells Angels or any other criminal organization.
Sooner or later, Canada will pay a price, Canada will need the same favour from the Chinese government and just what does Canada expect after such a humiliating insult to their requests for extradition!

This has got to be one of the worst criminals to move from China to Canada and it will only encourage more of the same.

Lets look at the Omar Khadr case, just look at the pitiful evidence that got him sent to the US concentration Torture camp in Cuba, and here we have evidence at a much higher standard but because the other country is China rather than the United States, Canadian Judges decide to let a Criminal loose to live and work in Canada.

We need to look at who the real criminals are, and perhaps that description lies with those who made the decision to ignore the extradition request.