Montreal police conducting raids

The Canadian Press

February 12, 2009 at 8:59 AM EST

Hundreds of police officers are in the midst of conducting raids in a sweeping operation targeting outlaw bikers and at least one Montreal street gang.

There are warrants for about 60 suspects in dozens of locations around Montreal in what police have dubbed Operation Axe.

Between 600 and 700 officers are involved in the operation, which involves Montreal police and officers from other municipalities.

So far, police have released few details about the operation.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Capital of male gender apartheid, Canada wrote: Wow,
With the new wire tap legislation, notice how the comments on this article are so few?
Perhaps the police could bear in mind that criminals come in all sorts of shapes and colours.
Many don't ride Harleys or wear patches on the back, some wear suits and ties, some wear black gowns and are called judges who also have criminal like "code of silence", that means making draconian corrupt decisions carefully crafted to prevent any appeal or variation.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely and some of the greatest dangers to Canadian Society are those who destroy the Rule of Law with blatantly corrupt decisions designed to silence any public comment about themselves.
Good Judges dont' give a dam because they have nothing to worry about, the most vile, the most corrupt, are willing to flagrantly abuse their judicial "discretion" to do indirectly what is prohibited directly, they are in effect the worst child abusers in Canadian Society who habitually deprive children of their fathers, not because of a criminal offense but simply because they have a pathological hatred of fathers and a propensity to engage in obstruction of justice from the bench, they do it with "Power orders" "Sheffield Orders" named after two of the worst of the worst, Justice Allan Sheffield and Justice Denis Power of the Ottawa Ontario Superior Court.