Tories unveil anti-gang legislation


Homicides tied to organized crime would automatically be considered first-degree murder under government bill


Globe and Mail Update

February 26, 2009 at 11:22 AM EST

OTTAWA — The Harper government unveiled new legislation it says will combat violence by gangs, including making homicides tied to organized crime automatically carry a first-degree murder charge.

Other measures will crack down on drive-by shootings and attacks on police officers.

“No part of our society is immune to the menace of organized criminal activities,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said as he announced the move at Ottawa's police headquarters.

The move comes in the wake of a string of shootings in B.C.'s Lower Mainland, a key voting base for the Tories. There have been 18 shootings since January 20 and eight of the deaths arising from this violence are suspected of being gang-related.

The bill proposes:

Creating a new offence to target drive-by shootings and “other reckless shootings. It would carry a mandatory minimum sentence of four years in prison, with a maximum of 14 years. The minimum sentence would increase if the offence was committed on behalf of a criminal gang or with a handgun.

Creating two new offences of aggravated assault against a police officer and assault with a weapon against a police officer. This would be punishable by maximum penalties of 14 and 10 years respectively.

The minority Conservative government will need the support of one opposition party to pass the justice bill.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Ottawa Mens, from Murder is Murder, Canada) wrote: Murder is Murder, weather you are a member of a gang , a club, a group, or a criminal organization, is another separate issue and a separate offense.

The government is simply attempting to make the problem go away in a very expensive fashion without addressing the root cause of fatherless children who end up in gangs, crime and murder.

Our government can start with a Legal Presumption of EQUAL PARENTING after separation that gives children a right to have an equal relationship with both parents absent extraordinary circumstances.

Changes to the child support guidelines that reflect both incomes and the costs of parenting to both parents regardless of the amount of time a child spends with either parent.

The problem is getting worse not better, and is reflected in Canada's declining birth rate, an insidious titanic economic time bomb and our politicians refuse to look at the tip of that iceberg.

. Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa -Home of the Corrupt Justice Alan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: Our federal government should be instead introducing changes to the criminal code to deter "flagrant abuses of judicial discretion".

For example,

In Ottawa, we have two judges who make "political decisions" rather than legal decisions, they vent their own personal anger and make decisions that are for the purpose of
"O B S T R U C T I N G   J U S T I C E"

Take the dishonourable Alan Sheffield of the Ottawa Ontario Superior Court, he makes criminal convictions without a trial, even when a trial is ordered by four other judges, and bases his criminal conviction upon

Q U A D R U P L E  H E A R S A Y"
without a trial!
Its called "summary judgment" .

This same judge tears up orders for access permanently depriving children of the right to have a relationship with their father.

Justice Allan Sheffield is available for "orders", if you have the right connections, you simply file your pleadings for a "summary judgment motion" with little yellow stickies, "Attention Justice Sheffield", and the court records will have no record of that phone call by the opposing council to Judges Chambers where Justice Allan Sheffield agrees to hold a hearing that no other judge will hear and when other judges ordered a trial.

Here you have one of the worst forms of child abuse, parental alienation , depriving a child of the right to a father permanently, and this sort of child abuse rivals childhood sexual abuse in its seriousness. In this case the abuse is by a Judge, the Dishonourable corrupt Allan Sheffield of Ottawa.

You see, Justice Allan Sheffield did not like the fact that "the accused" had been previously charged with criminal defamation, of wait for it, a judge, who did not like being called corrupt and an insult to justice, That was Justice Richard Lajoie now of Ottawa Ontario Court of Justice, Lajoie later refused to testify after hearing that criminal charge in his own courtroom.


Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Capital of Male Gender Apartheid, Canada) wrote: What's next, the conservatives declaring the liberal party a criminal gang? Sounds far fetched doesn't it?

If you want see similar crazy logic, you should drop in at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa and watch the former brilliant civil litigator but Dishonourable and Corrupt Justice Denis Power in action.

He did not like reading how one father described Justice Richard Lajoie of the Ontario Court of Justice as "Corrupt" and "an insult to justice", and Power, did not like another judge tearing up Lajoie's order that the same father was a vexatious litigant.

Power said and I quote "I can't do anything about that" but I can issue a restraining order, and he did, not because of harassment or threats or violence but to quote Denis Power "to end the litigation".

There you are, Poof Positive that Justice Denis Power of Ottawa is CORRUPT.




Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Capital of Male Gender Apartheid, Canada) wrote: Criminal Gangs? Start looking at the 5th Floor 161 Elgin Street.

Now more horror stories about Denis Power.

You see, Justice Denis Power did not like another JUDGE of the Ontario Court of Justice issuing criminal charges against "the mother" , that JUDGE (not a JP, Justice Guy Mahaffy ) had previously heard 3 trumped up charges laid on behalf of the mother and Justice Richard Lajoie to run the father out of town. (Lajoie's then local Timmins police went to all the local supermarkets and Tim Hortons and got them to issue no trespass notices)
Judge Guy Mahaffy even heard Justice Lajoie's criminal complaint of criminal defamation and was in the same area under the same "regional senior"...
Very obviously Lajoie was despised and probably still is despised by the entire legal profession not to mention his "fellow judges" many of whom don't like corrupt judges, like Richard Lajoie.

Denis Power said, "the criminal charges (laid by Judge Guy Mahaffy) were "harassment" deserving / "justifying" a "permanent restraining order banishing the father from the entire city of Kingston - for ever.

We might as well ask the Hells Angels for some of their senior leaders to become judges!