Canada has a dysfunctional politically correct attitude towards what is required for a minimal wage, especially after separation.
The feminists for example will take a father's income to the point that he can only live under a bridge or a basement apartment, no consideration to the cost of being a less than 40% of the time parent, its a plan that designed to disenfranchise fathers and put them in poverty with very little chance of remarriage.
The same feminists encourage women to live with women who both collect child support that is several times the actual fair share of the actual cost.
It means that wages mean little while corrupt family court judges like Denis Power and Allan Sheffield make orders based on incomes that did not exist and orders to permanently deprive children of their fathers.
These orders of Justice Alan Sheffield and Denis Power are indirect orders that result in the incarceration of fathers not because they willingly avoided paying support but because corrupt judges like Sheffield and Power make orders for support based on incomes that did not exist or based on assets that did not exist, they do this by avoiding any trial, its called "summary judgment". These orders are effective guaranteed jail sentences where the father's only income will be cents per hour in the Ontario Fathers Concentration Camps. Their offense? Being born with testicles and having the misfortune to end up in front of a corrupt judge who had a pathological hatred towards fathers and a propensity to let their own anger and desire for revenge could their "judgment". www.OttawaMensCentre.com