Western premiers unite to combat violence

B.C, Alberta and Saskatchewan leaders form joint cabinet to assert West's clout to Ottawa



From Friday's Globe and Mail

March 13, 2009 at 3:00 AM EDT

An RCMP officer passes a bullet-riddled vehicle that was involved in a targeted gang shooting on February 16 in Surrey, B.C. (Darryl Dyck/THE CANADIAN PRESS)



VICTORIA — A new political bloc representing Canada's three westernmost provinces will meet today to press Ottawa for help to combat escalating gang violence.

Saskatchewan will be the newest partner at a joint cabinet meeting in Vancouver at which the common front on crime will be one half of an agenda that also aims to reposition the West in Canada's new economic reality.

British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell said the West, with its energy wealth and Pacific Gateway strategy, is well positioned to help Canada recover from the recession.

But the rest of Canada must learn to heed the West, he said in an interview.

“There is a powerful western economy. Frankly, the entire country will be depending on it as we move into the next decade,” Mr. Campbell said.

“There's no question there is major restructuring that has to take place in Ontario, in Quebec. What we are saying is, we're glad that we're able to contribute to Canada. Canada should be listening to us so we can maximize the contributions we make.”

Each of the three provinces has separately pressed for changes to the Criminal Code that have yet to generate a response from the federal government. They hope, Ottawa will listen to their one voice.

Gang violence in Metro Vancouver has escalated in recent weeks with a series of homicides, and Alberta and Saskatchewan are also grappling with increased gang activity.

“On the issue of gangs and gun violence, the real opportunity here is to get agreement by three premiers, that we unite and push on those three Criminal Code amendments our government is seeking,” B.C. Solicitor-General John van Dongen said in an interview.

Going into today's meeting, the three governments have informally agreed to unite behind demands for a package of amendments.

The first calls for the elimination of the “two-for-one” provision under which time spent in pretrial custody is doubled and applied against an offender's sentence.

Another seeks to update wiretap provisions, some dating back 35 years, that don't allow police to keep on top of emerging technology.

The provinces are also expected to agree on a call to reduce paperwork that can delay trials. They want defence lawyers to have to justify the disclosure of material as relevant to the case at hand.

Noting that British Columbia has been asking for these changes for years. Mr. van Dongen said he is hopeful today's meeting will prompt action in Ottawa. “When you get a number of premiers together, the federal government really tends to pay attention to that,” he said.

Saskatchewan Attorney-General Don Morgan said he hopes the three provinces can develop a common database on gangs. “What we worry about is the escalating violence and the increasing amount of drug activity,” he said in an interview. “And as those gangs grow, we are more worried about intra-provincial threats.”

Tom Olsen, a spokesman for Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, said gang activity is climbing in Alberta as well. In addition to the law-and-order agenda, Mr. Stelmach will continue to press to take down trade barriers between the provinces and to speed up infrastructure spending. Alberta and B.C. have held joint cabinet meetings since 2003, producing a Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) that is attracting interest across Canada.

The premiers will also discuss an “open skies” scheme to allow regional airports more access to international flights, and a voluntary pension plan targeting small business. As well, the cabinets will discuss co-ordinating investment in carbon-capture technology.

Mr. Campbell stressed this new alignment is not based on the kind of “let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark” sentiment that once cropped up on Alberta bumper stickers.

“We want to help strengthen Canada. All we are saying is, please allow us to do that,” he said. “This is the new world we have to understand in Canada. With 32.5 million people, we don't show up on most of the international radar. So if we can't unite around what our strengths are as we move into this new global economy … we are going to fall behind.”





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