U.S. fugitive nabbed in Montreal

The Canadian Press

March 24, 2009 at 1:35 PM EDT

MONTREAL — Tennessee law enforcement officials say a man who has been on the lam for eight years has been nabbed in Montreal.

Russell Victor McCollum was taken into custody today after barricading himself briefly in an apartment.

Kristin Helm, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, says Canada Border Services agents made the arrest.

Mr. McCollum, 30, had been missing since March 2001 when he failed to appear for his trial on four counts of aggravated sexual battery of a child.

Ms. Helm says a tip to “America's Most Wanted” last year led authorities to McCollum's whereabouts.

Ms. Helm says Mr. McCollum faces an extradition hearing in Canada.

A Canada Border Services spokesman says he was aware of the arrest but could not immediately provide any other information.





Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa - Home of Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada wrote: The evidence against Russell Victor McCollum is damming, he groomed children, he is a predator whose desire for child sex abuse was so irresistible that he ignored the fact that his abuse would be discovered and that he faced many years in jail as a result. America's most wanted is to be commended on its efforts.
Unfortunately, you wont' see the dishonourable Justice Allan Sheffield on America's Most Wanted.
Justice Allan Sheffield is a child abuser of the worst order, he is a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice yet, he will not hesitate to tear up a child's right to a relationship with his or her father for his own criminal desires of revenge.
Ontario has amongst its judiciary some of the worst scum of humanity who belong behind bars.
Take the Dishonourable Denis Power also of Ottawa, he did not like another judges order for an "expedited" hearing of custody so he used, sorry, "flagrantly abused" his judicial discreation to make orders that effectively permanently terminated another judges cancellation of a vexation litigant order and an "expedited trial of custody.
The worst child abusers in Canada are not the likes of Russell Victor McCollum, but the likes of the dishonourable, the corrupt Allan Sheffield , Denis Power , a supervisor judge by the name of Jennifer McKinnon, who makes "supervisor decisions" to have the "hit men" of the judiciary like Sheffield and Power make their corrupt decisions.

These judges have a chronic record of flagrantly abusing judicial power, their decisions are a litany of detailed prolonged child abuse that is worse than the child abuse of Russell Victor McCollum. Its called parental alienation. You would expect some psychological screening of the judiciary prior to appointment.

What is more shocking is the fact that the complaints by the legal profession against Denis Power, Allan Sheffield, and Richard Lajoie go unheaded by their supervisory judges.