Flouting custody orders to cost mother $35,000


From Friday's Globe and Mail

April 3, 2009 at 4:16 AM EDT



A 42-year-old Toronto mother has been fined more than $35,000 for systematically alienating her three daughters from their father after the couple's marriage broke down.

In making the unusually harsh ruling, Madam Justice Faye McWatt of the Ontario Superior Court said that the woman - a chiropodist identified only as K.D. - blithely flouted a series of court orders aimed at restoring her children's relationship with their father.

"The respondent came to this court time and time again and consented to orders in question," Judge McWatt said. "Once she left this building, she ignored the orders, believing that she could escape scrutiny. The evidence of her contempts is overwhelming."

The ruling was the second stage of a decision Judge McWatt started last year when she ordered that the three girls be seized, sent to a parental alienation centre in the United States for deprogramming and prevented from communicating with their mother.

The children - aged 14, 11 and 9 - now live in the sole custody of their father.

"At the end of the day this was a case about a parent who did not care about what was best for her children," the father's lawyer, Harold Niman, said in an interview yesterday. "The contempt findings and penalties will hopefully make it clear to other like-minded parents that orders are to be taken seriously - and there are consequences to those parents who ignore them."

Soon after the couple met in 1993, K.D. became pregnant. While K.D. attempted to keep the father from seeing his first daughter, she eventually agreed to marry him. The couple soon split up, but had two more children during brief periods of reunification.

Judge McWatt categorically rejected the mother's assertion that she was not to blame for anything, and that the children had unilaterally refused to associate with their father, a 56-year-old vascular surgeon identified as A.L.

"There is really only one explanation for the children's attitudes," she said. "It is their mother's consistent negative influence on them from their early childhood about A.L., and her persistence in excluding them from his children's lives."

Judge McWatt noted that a total of six judges had issued orders in the long-running case - and virtually none of them were honoured.

As early as 2000, she said Madam Justice Mary Lou Benotto of the Ontario Superior Court had warned that "each day that goes by creates more and more risk that these children will be further alienated from their father and consequently permanently harmed."

However, K.D. carried right on cancelling sleepovers that were planned at the father's house, or vacation trips to New York, Quebec City and Niagara Falls. K.D. even refused to let him drive the children to school unless she was in the car as well, Judge McWatt said.

She said the children lost the capacity to make independent decisions about interacting with their father. In her 2008 order, Judge McWatt said K.D. must turn over the children's clothing, passports and possessions. K.D. was also ordered not to harass the children or go within 300 metres of them.

Judge McWatt described the mother as immature, evasive and completely lacking credibility. She said K.D. precipitated physical confrontations with her husband and berated him in front of the children. Eventually, the father was reduced to shouting good night to his children through a door at his estranged wife's home in the hope that they were there and could hear him.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

A very RARE decision that makes headlines, because it is so rare. Note that the father can afford to litigate, most fathers cannot.

This matter was litigated because the father could afford to and lower court (Ontario Superior Court) judges knew he could and would appeal successfully the usual anti father decisions.

The Citizens of Ontario Need To Know, that our judges generally have a pathological hatred towards men, they generally have a willingness to do indirectly what they cannot do directly.

Example, the Government won't appoint sufficient judges so, nudge nudge wink wink, we hire you , do what you have to do, make cases go away.

In Ottawa some 70 odd cases were set down for trial in February, ONLY 4 made it to trial, and 3 were dealt with by "summary judgment" a draconian measure giving generally a mother "everything" she asks for and, permanently preventing the father from ever asking for a variation of that order.

Two Ottawa Judges make more of those sorts of corrupt orders than hundreds of other judges combined, they are Justice Allan Sheffield and Denis Power. Their decisions are dealt with at the Ontario Court of appeal by their Madam Justice Katherine Feldman who makes MORE Anti-Father decisions than any other judge in the Ontario Court of appeal.

There are a variety of "dirty judges" in Ontario, they are used by "supervisory judges" just like Criminal organizations use "hit men" to dispose of "problems".

You can't complain to the judicial council, they have a set of Rules that means virtually all complaints will be not even accepted or decided in the judges favour.

The number of such judges also referred to as, "dirty judges" or "the worst of the worst" or "the worst judge ever" exceeds One Per Cent by a large margin yet, its unheard of for a judge to be dismissed or removed.



Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: A Fairy Tale that shows the tip of an Iceberg.
Every day, thousands of men in Ontario are totally destroyed with court orders that mean absent a lottery win, they are destined to be repeatedly incarcerated without being able to go to court and seek a variation or enforcement.

Ontario Judges make orders that are guaranteed jail sentences.
For example, if a male has a genuine case for spousal support from a woman, Ontario Judges just see Feminist Red Blood and will make any order, ANY order to make sure the case never gets to trial.

The judges oblige by making orders for child support that cannot be paid based on incomes that did not exist and in some cases ordering retroactive child support going back 12 years or more when the mother had numerous opportunities in even recent court hearings to ask for child support but did not simply because she knew she had a spousal support obligation.

The legal commentators clearly state, Ontario Judges are biased and there is NO justification for that bias, its wrong in law and a direct result of a Feminist controlled and generally feminist appointed Judiciary.

www.OttawaMensCentre.com Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: A Legal Presumption of Equal Parenting - is the only solution - Quebec leads Canada in applying the principle that absent evidence to the contrary, children are best served after separation by equal time with both parents. Quebec also figures in the incomes of both parents.

Quebec is the only safe province for a man to live in.

Ontario for example is a province where Men have no legal rights unless of course you earn several hundred thousand dollars a year and can afford to litigate with the best lawyers who have "close relationships" with judges.

Trouble is Ontario Family Court is nothing more than a very sick illusion of justice, the entire system is set up to fail, its set up to prevent matters from being heard, from using every rule possible to make sure cases don't get to the next step.

After a year or years of litigating, cases may finally get put on the trial list, In Ottawa, around 70 were on the February Trial list.
Only 4 made it to Trial and 3 were thrown out on "summary judgment" = a draconian judges solution that simply decides against one party without any evidence being heard at trial, it could all be fabricated and "untested by examination" but, thats not the point, judges want to "get rid of cases" especially vulnerable are "self represented litigants", judges are unlikely to do something dirty to a well heeled lawyer who makes the right donations to their food bank drive or by tickets to see them at judicial celebrity dinners that run $100 a plate or more.

Self Reps wont be seen at those dinners, you will find many of them disappearing , some end up homeless, many end up in Jail, repeatedly and endlessly incarcerated for doing nothing more than asking one of feminist judges to make an order for a child to have a relationship with their father.

Remember, Real Crime Starts in Family Court and it takes a Dead Beat Judge to create a Dead Beat Dad.




Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: GUESS Which judge will oversee Ontario's Reform of Family Law?

Word is that it will be Justice Mary Jane Hatton - thats a bit like getting a wolf to look after the chicken coup. Check out what we know about her at www.OttawaMensCentre.com

INFORMATION Wanted ! This judge obviously has a troubled background, If you have information about this judge's background please email us.

Congratulations to all the posters on all the hard work being done on these comments.


D A D - The word DAD is Canada's Dirtiest word - The word D A D is a dirty word because we have "dirty judges", specifically, the underbelly of the population who are not behind bars for child abuse or fraud, they engage in child abuse and fraud on a habitual daily basis.

The legal expression is called "the process of justification" thats the same justification that Criminal Gangs use for the "elimination" of those that they "decide" to "remove". Also known as murder and assassination.

The worst practitioners of revolting illegal acts are Ontario Family Court Judges, appointed because of their probability of making politically correct feminist decisions.

Ask any Family Lawyer who qualifies as a "specialist in family law" and IF they trust you, in confidence they will tell you Family Court Judges do NOT make "Legal decisions" according to law, they make
"political decisions".

Most property decisions, custody and or access decisions, spousal support decisions are made on GENDER and of course "STATUS".

Judges are generally born with silver spoons protruding from their rear ends, brought up to have a contempt for anyone who is not of "their class". They are in general, (with many exceptions) the most unsuitable personalities to be appointed to the bench where once issued with "absolute power" abuse that power by; "not reading the pleadings" they become "LAZY JUDGES", they have a hatred towards litigants FEMALE OR MALE who are "POOR" or who can't afford to pay a lawyer, which in their mind is the worst sin of all deserving of draconian orders to "get rid of them" in the say way one would approach removing RATS from your basement.

Fathers are in their view VERMIN to be exterminated.

Now again, if you doubt these words, just ASK any experienced family lawyer who has "the scores on the board" and they will confirm the accuracy of these comments.



Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from WARNING JUSTICE MARY JANE HATTON IN CHARGE OF ONTARIO'S REVIEW OF FAMILY LAW - MAN HATER EXTRADONAIR !, Canada) wrote: Mary Jane Hatton is the judge who the previous post refers to; she is probably one of a small group of Ontario Jurists who is entirely UNSUITABLE to chair this reform group or even be a judge.

She has a contemptuous attitude towards anyone "not of her class" that means specifically "poor mothers" and of course fathers of any income with a few exceptions amongst the very wealthy who she feels an affinity with.

She is described by her associates as "mean spirited" "unbecoming of a judge", "a lightweight when it comes to reasoning".

Good Judges, Good lawyers, have in common, "core values" that win respect and admiration,

Justice Mary Jane Hatton is at the extreme opposite, her comments in the court room are almost like a 1-10 of a MacDonald's cash register, such as "I think these two people should just get along with each other" - that gets the "Oh my god, is this a judge talking" response;

Sorry, yep, its a judge, be a pitiful example of a human being abusing absolute power..

End Part 1 of 2 parts



Now, there is NO record of Mary Jane Hatton's employment history, other than a CAS lawyer in an area know for its contempt of legal rights that still lives in the "old school" of abusing power and authority, hardly the background deserving of being appointed to the bench.

Judges like Mary Jane Hatton typically have no where to hang their hat, they have next to zero reported cases in case law, they were "helpers" with other lawyers and never really showed ability or the responsibility to be given serious cases on their own.

If you have info on Mary Jane Hatton's employment or personal background, please email us, it will probably explain why she has such a snobby arrogant attitude towards litigants.

Word is that she is on to her second marriage and there is precious little information on what happened to her first marriage. Apparently she is married to another judge who this writer will not mention.

Part 2 - 2



Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from WARNING JUSTICE MARY JANE HATTON IN CHARGE OF ONTARIO'S REVIEW OF FAMILY LAW - MAN HATER EXTRADONAIR !, Canada) wrote: Flouting is a judges term for a conclusion justifying an order. It is used generally against men. Before we simply agree with the judge, its wise to remember that most Ontario Superior court Family Division decisions have NOTHING to do with law, its all about being politically correct and in many cases, siding with the "same class", that is, if your income is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, then guess what, you may just belong in the same social group as many of the judges.

Very often the draconian decisions are directed against anyone who does not have money. For example, its not uncommon for them to target the poor, the single mothers on welfare and legal aid or target a self represented unemployed parent who by accident of birth was born with testicles, something many judges lack when it comes to the ability and sense of duty to make legal decisions rather than class or political decisions.