Controversial women's law to be reviewed: Karzai

Last Updated: Saturday, April 4, 2009 | 9:25 AM ET

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says a new law that critics say would severely undermine women's rights will be studied and may be sent back to parliament.

The law makes it illegal for Shia Muslim women in the country to refuse to have sex with their husbands and restricts their rights outside the home as well.

Media reports Friday said the law contains articles that said women cannot leave the house or seek education without their husbands' permission.

Karzai told reporters in Kabul on Saturday he has told the Justice Ministry to review the law, and if anything in it contravenes the country's constitution or Islamic sharia law, "measures will be taken."

"The minister of justice will study the whole law, every item of it, very very carefully. If there is anything that is of concern to us, then we will definitely take action, in consultation with our ulemma (council of religious scholars) and send it back to the parliament."

Karzai also said the law may have been misinterpreted because of poor translation.

Canada has 'significant concerns' over new law

NATO's outgoing secretary general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, responded to news that the law had been passed by saying it "fundamentally violates women's rights and human rights."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he raised Canada's "significant concerns" at the NATO summit over the rights of women in Afghanistan.

"I'm pleased to see that President Karzai is submitting this law to further review," he told reporters as the summit ended.

"That said, let me be very clear on this ... there is going to remain enormous pressure on the government of Afghanistan on this question. This goes fundamentally, directly, to the heart of the reasons for allied engagement."

U.S. President Barack Obama — also speaking after the summit wrapped up in Strasbourg, France —called the new law "abhorrent." He said the legislation came up in conversations among the military allies, adding that NATO's closing statement specifically says human rights should be respected.

The legislation, passed in February, is intended to regulate family life inside Afghanistan's Shia community, but the United Nations Development Fund for Women said it "legalizes the rape of a wife by her husband."

Critics say the Afghan government approved it in a hurry to win support in the Aug. 20 election from ethnic Hazaras — a Shia Muslim minority that constitutes a crucial block of swing voters.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre



Posted 2009/04/05
at 8:39 PM ET

President Karzai, please come to Canada and attend any one of the our centres for the promotion of hatred towards men called "Ontario Family Court".

Just to give you a little briefing, its custom for women to sit on the right where the prosecutors sit and men to sit on the left as "accused" but, remember this is family court , not criminal court.

Next, you should be prepared for the feeling akin to a bath in acid as you feel the hatred towards men simply oooozing out of the court room walls.

Next, notice that nearly all the staff are women and the female judge has a look of intense hatred and uses any excuse to justify the denial of the most basic legal rights and at the end, makes a decision that is political rather than legal.

It destroys men by the hundreds of thousands and fills our jails with men who can't afford to go to a biased court and ask for a variation of an order that is set up to cause their indefinite repeated incarceration.

Ontario is a feminist's Sharia Law Against men, quite unlike Quebec or Australia which factor in both parties incomes. In Ontario, a woman can generally get virtually any court order no matter how crazy it may be. That means a women earning a very high income can take most of a divorced father's disposable income leaving him virtually homeless and unable to provide even accommodation for his kids who are lucky to see him at all and if they are extremely lucky they might get several days a month.

Ontario refuses to accept the concept of a presumption of equal parenting after separation and applies a Feminist Sharia type law to allow our Feminist Judiciary to rule with a reign of terror.
Check out the research on Judicial Bias by Peter Roscoe at


Posted 2009/04/05
at 8:39 PM ET

The Talban's internet connection is probably not good enough to read all the traffic but, assuming they did, they would probably find the news about Ontario's Family Law quite disturbing, in fact when and if they find out that Canada is attempting to force its ideas of Family Law on them, it will probably give them just add to their already highly motivated state.

What we have in Ontario is something akin to Taliban law, its like Sharia Law except its uniquely Canadian, uniquely Feminist, know in Canada as FemiNazi Law where men have no rights and women can have men arrested simply by their little finger dancing 911 and without a scrap of evidence, police arrest, and the kids never see dad again while living the rest of the their childhoods with sometimes mentally ill extremely violent women who pass on their severe personality disorders to their children who in turn create more dysfunctional children with personality disorders.

For this you can thank corrupt judges like the Dishonourable Allan Sheffield and Denis Power both of Ottawa where an incredible number of draconian corrupt decisions are made against men.


Posted 2009/04/05

1:23 am

IT's another Ha Ha Harper ha ha stunt!
Except it ain't so funny.

Harper is Avoiding the Issue of Afghanistan by 'Diverting" the public's attention with politically correct feminist opinions.

Just who would be so stupid as to NOT disagree with rape?
Therefore, if you disagree with Rape, you support Canada in Afghanistan?


Just another spectacular, diversionary stunt by the PM's office that probably has Harper rolling in laughter at how he got every feminist in Canada on his side in one little press release.

Interestingly, we don't hear any reporters talking about any widespread problem of rape in Afghanistan marriages, the headlines appear to be accusing Afghan men of raping their wives.

What has been reported about the subject of Afghanistan is the custom of sexual abuse of boys, I notice the prime minister has not exactly rushed to instruct the foreign minister to tell his "counterpart" that Afghan men in positions of power should not put their parts in little boys, that would not score as many "brownie points" with the feminists.