Re: Lorne Gunter Article "Promote equal parenting"

April 6, 2009


Commentary by the OttawaMensCentre in the National Post

Posted Apr 06 2009  1:52 PM


The 83 page report is highly detailed and has  a lot of reading, the evidence is obvious and overwhelming but don't expect any changes because we have a feminist operated judiciary who have only one goal, the state of two unequal genders with female superiority.

The same kind of arguments, equally insane were made by the Nazi's and are in effect, a social policy of Gender Apartheid.

Although a legal presumption of equal parenting would provide judges with the law, they ignore the law now, and make political decisions, feminist approved decisions rather than legal decisions, some judges are obviously blatantly corrupt and make decisions that can only be politely described as a "flagrant abuse of power" but, they are in the job for life and only a remote chance in hell of being dismissed, unlike the probability of a lawyer being suspended, apparently once a judge, they are assumed to be god like and immune to the temptation of abuse of power, thats another  myth that we all know is unadulterated crapola.

We also need massive changes to child support to factor in the cost of children having a relationship be it even 10% of the time, often the cost to an access parent is equal to  or exceeds the primary parents cost.

The present guidelines provide women with a windfall cash, tax free, that makes high income women rich and low income men reduced to living in poverty, in fact, many become homeless, and indefinitely repeatedly incarcerated for no other reason than being born male and a father.

Ontario Courts don't hide their corruption and their bias, very rarely does a man ever get awarded spousal support, while some men end up paying spousal support to multiple wives and some women collect child support for one child on the single child amount from several men, not just double but also tripple dipping, that is, the biological father and any other unfortunate man who is kind enough to have a relationship with that child is fair game for a women to seek and get yet another windfall of tax free income without any comparison the the father's income. That is, one rich woman can send several man into poverty not to mention total destruction.

Then we have FRO, a system that is set up to be almost impossible to vary and inequitable not to mention unjust. In Australia by way of comparison, child support is automatically based on one's tax returns and both incomes of parents are computed.

Its time for change but don't expect any good news.

The word is that the new chairperson for the Reform of Ontario Family Law is none other than Justice Mary Jane Hatton, perhaps one of the least suitable judges to be such a person.