Rape law saps support for Afghan mission, poll finds


The Canadian Press

April 8, 2009 at 5:44 PM EDT

OTTAWA — Canadians' tepid support for the combat mission in Afghanistan would turn icy should the Afghan government proceed with a law allowing marital rape, a new poll suggests.

A proposed family law code for Afghanistan's Shia minority would make it illegal for women to refuse to have sex with their husbands, and would require that they get approval from a male relative to leave the house.

A survey by The Canadian Press/Harris-Decima suggests 40 per cent of Canadians support the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan. But should the family law code be enacted, the poll suggests opposition to the mission would rise to roughly 75 per cent.

Jeff Walker, senior vice-president of Harris-Decima, said that at that level of opposition, it would be difficult for the Harper government to maintain its commitment to keep combat troops in Afghanistan until 2011.

“This brings into very clear light exactly how tenuous the support is for this effort in Afghanistan,” he said.

The controversial code has been passed by Afghanistan's national assembly but has not yet been enacted. International outrage has forced the government of President Hamid Karzai to promise a review of the proposed law.

The review is expected to take two to three months and the Canadian government, among others, is demanding that the contentious clauses be removed. However, critics fear Mr. Karzai is simply postponing enactment until after his country's presidential election in August.

Even without the code controversy, Canadian support for the Afghan mission appears weak. The poll suggests 55 per cent nationwide oppose it.

Respondents were three times more likely to strongly oppose the mission (27 per cent) than strongly support it (nine per cent).

Opposition to the mission was highest in Quebec (71 per cent) while support was strongest in Alberta (55 per cent).

Mr. Walker said support for the mission is based — at least in part — on a belief that Canada is helping to improve the lot of women, whose rights had been severely restricted under the oppressive Taliban regime.

“If that's now off the table, I think it fundamentally changes the way many Canadians look at the rationale for being in Afghanistan altogether and these numbers just prove that,” he said.

Mr. Walker added that it may not even matter if the code is never enacted. The damage may have been done by the fact that Mr. Karzai, a supposed western-backed moderate, thought it was acceptable until an international outcry forced him to make a strategic retreat.

“I'm not even sure that backing off helps,” Mr. Walker said. “If it was politically expedient, [Mr. Karzai] seems like he would go there. That's not good for public support in Canada.”

The telephone survey of just over 1,000 Canadians was conducted April 2-5 and is considered accurate within 3.1 percentage points 19 times in 20.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre in the Globe and Mail

Ontario has its Icy Cold Family Court - with court...

Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Home of the Corrupt Ontario Superior Court Judge Denis Power, Canada) wrote: Ontario has its Icy Cold Family Court - with court room walls that ooze pure hatred towards men.

Perhaps our military should send their recruitment agents to the Feminist Judges Chambers and pack em off to Afghganistan where they can engage in their own Crusade of Male Gender Apartheid based on Flawed Feminist Doctrine that gives women absolute power over men.

If the military cant find enough man haters in judge chambers, perhaps they could go visit the One Stop Divorce Shops masquerading as women's shelters.

The of course another source of highly motivated man haters would be in the Feminist Lawyers group who think nothing of fabricating evidence.

Only one problem, the Canadian Military need people with ethics and the above groups don't need a machine gun, they just quietly destroy families, deprive children of fathers by simply pulling out their standard court documents with their standard allegations that rely on the Judiciary's propensity to flagrantly abuse their power and make feminist political decisions rather than legal moral or ethical decisions of equity.

Canada attempt to dictate Family Law to Afghanistan is just another example of how perverted Canadian society has become in adopting Male Sharia Law that deprives men of legal rights and gives women absolute power to send a man to jail, send a father to jail for no other reason than being annoyed that he is still alive after separation.

Spare a thought for our mainly male soldiers, many of whom are guaranteed to be victims of Canada's policy of Male Gender Apartheid and Male Sharia Law.



Posted 11/04/09 at 1:58 PM EDT




Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Home of the Corrupt Ontario Superior Court Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: Kudos to Ruby Christal, Its nice to see a post regarding a far more obvious problem of the abuse of boys.

The abuse of Afghan boys or "teal boys" is not limited to jails. Any man with power and or money in Afghanistan could have his own "boy" who is a form of sexual slave for sexual favours. It robs boys of their childhood, and causes the probability of repeated generations of male child abuse.

Perhaps Canada should deal with the very real abuses in Afganistan that would draw consensus from Afghans.

The family law proposed in Afghanistan is really their first shot at family law, they are to be commended for what they have got down on paper, it is an improvement on what exists.

Law changes slowly, as do customs, IF, they suddenly adopted the Family Law Act of Ontario, it simply would be laughed at and regarded as another absurd notion of infidels.

Ontario's family law is even more absurd, men have no legal rights and women can send a male to jail for simply being 'annoyed' , that he is still alive.





Kudos to Ruby Christal, Its nice to see a post regarding...


Fostering Equality starts at home - In Canada! Many posters correctly ask the question, How will Canada's involvement in Afghanistan "foster equality".

We are two very different countries, different religions, customs, traditions and different forms of law. It is absurd for Canada with its own screwed up inequitable family law festering with man hating corrupt judges, to lecture any other country on "law"?

What happened to Canada's long reputation as "peace keepers", "tolerance of other cultures".. its gone, its out the window for the arrogance and zealous crusade attitudes and ideas from our loud mouth war mongering neighbors.

Even the US military recognize that those attitudes and ideas will not help "peace keeping". its time for Canada to "get real" and
shut the #$@#$ up , if it wishes to promote its image and reputation of a nation of tolerance.

Canada can forget about its image of a "just society" or of having "the rule of law".

Every man who has been through Family Court will tell you, our judiciary is riddled with CORRRUPT feminist man hating judges who make politically correct decisions that do not even resemble legal decisions.