Liberals on best behaviour in bid to woo women



From Monday's Globe and Mail

April 12, 2009 at 9:42 PM EDT

OTTAWA — The Liberals are trying to find ways to bring women voters – especially baby boomers – back to the party, through recruitment, new policies and even better behaviour in the House of Commons.

“Liberals cannot win a government unless they have a significant gap in their favour with women voters,” said Peter Donolo of the Strategic Counsel, a national polling firm. “They've got issues to overcome [such as] in Western Canada, so they have to find advantages where they can and a key one is women voters.”

Michael Ignatieff surprised some in the party recently when he promised that one-third of his 308 candidates in the next federal election will be women. The Liberal Leader was confirming a commitment made by his predecessor, Stéphane Dion, who actually reached the target for female candidates in the last election.

Women over 55 have traditionally accounted for one-third of Liberal support. The Grits often win a majority of their votes. But in the last election, women stayed away from the Dion Liberals, according to polling research.

“The facts are that the Liberal Party, if only women were voting, would have formed a majority government every election in the last century … but not in the last election,” a key Liberal strategist said. “Women voted for the Conservatives in the last election for the first time.”

A Strategic Counsel poll released days before the election showed the Conservatives were pulling more votes among women – especially older women – than were the Liberals.

“The gap probably widened, as a large number of Liberal voters just stayed home – and they would have probably been disproportionately women,” Mr. Donolo said.

His most recent poll shows that 38 per cent of women voters support the Liberals, compared with 28 per cent for the Conservatives. But he said the Liberals should be doing better. Other pollsters say there should be a 20-point gap between female support for the two parties for the Liberals to make gains at the polls.

With this is in mind, Liberal MPs are, among other things, trying to be more polite during Question Period in the Commons. Women respond better to politicians who are not hurling insults, Liberals say.

Winnipeg Liberal MP Anita Neville, the party's status of women critic, said she was shocked to hear a Tory MP recently speak derisively about one group “shacking up” with another.

“You're not hearing [offensive language] from the Liberals, quite deliberately. And that is a real effort to tone down … and be respectful,” said Ms. Neville, who has regular meetings with women in her riding and says they are critical of the behaviour in Question Period.

The message about recruiting more women was made loud and clear at a recent meeting of national campaign co-chairs and provincial representatives, said former deputy prime minister Anne McLellan.

Ms. McLellan said Mr. Ignatieff will try to avoid using his power to appoint women as candidates. This power is controversial as it allows the nomination process to be circumvented to reach the target of 33 per cent women candidates. Other leaders, such as Jean Chrétien, have used this power to place women in winnable ridings.

In the last election, the Liberals elected 77 MPs, including 19 women. Of the 143 Conservative MPs, 23 are women.

Liberal policies also have to be attractive to women. Ms. Neville said Mr. Ignatieff has recommitted to a national child-care program and pay equity.

However, Nik Nanos, of the national polling firm Nanos Research, said the politics of gender is changing because of the economic meltdown. Women are just as worried as men are about jobs, debt and money, he said.

“Right now I think we are in an interesting spot because playing gender politics probably won't cut it because the economy and jobs and recession are the big issues,” Mr. Nanos said. “If the election was about health care then you would be playing gender politics.… It's an interesting new dynamic.”





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Ottawa Mens, from Home of the Corrupt Ontario Superior Court Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada wrote: A word of Warning for Michael Ignatieff. Before you start jumping down on your knees and worshiping the sacred feminist doctrines that promote Male Gender Apartheid -

Remember that for every destroyed father, past present and future, there is a paternal mother, aunts, sisters and daughters who do not appreciate the Feminazies stacking our Judiciary with Judges who don't read the pleadings, who don't make legal decisions, but political pre-formed decisions based on solely on Gender.

The same extreme feminists are responsible for child support guidelines that do not consider the incomes of both parents nor, consider the fact that generally non custodial parents have MORE COSTS than custodial parents.

The same feminists don't believe in equality, very very rarely does a man in Ontario receive spousal support from a woman, plain fact is our judiciary hates men and you can thank our corrupt Family Court Judiciary, and the feminist dominated judiciary selectors.

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Ottawa Mens, from Home of the Corrupt Ontario Superior Court Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada wrote:

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If fact, if you have a reputation as a feminist lawyer, your odds of becoming a judge just rocket, that is of course unless you have a well known reputation for some very obvious fabrication of evidence and misleading judges even if you get to make partner with a law firm that turns a blind eye to criminal offences by officers of the court.

Michael Ignatieff should remember that feminists installed the FRO office that is used as an institution of oppression against men that has turned Ontario Jails into concentration camps for men, not because of their religion but because by accident of birth they were born with testicles, which is something Mr. Ignatieff had better use when it comes to deciding his ethical and moral boundries.

Mr. Ignatieff should remember, that absent OPEN SUPPORT for "Equal Parenting", he will loose the vote of many women who have a son, or a brother, who has been destroyed or is being destroyed by the present government's policy of Male Gender Apartheid.

Check out the research by Peter Roscoe on Judicial Bias at the Ottawa Mens Centre site.

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cont- 2-2 If fact, if you have a reputation as a feminist...


Ottawa Mens, from Home of the Corrupt Ontario Superior Court Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: Attention Grand-Mothers - If you have a married son, you know that our Ontario Government's Anti-Male policies place your relationship with your son's children at grave risk.

Ontario unlike Quebec does not have a legal presumption of equal parenting after separation.

In Ontario, joint custody is only granted when a woman consents, and she can generally obtain any crazy order she asks for to terminate children's relationship with their father.

If you have a brother who is a father, remember, Ontario's feminists have installed the most corrupt man hating judges in Family Court who are the greatest dangers to Canada's national security than any other group of vermin on the planet.

If you have a father you never knew, its probably because of a feminist man hating lawyer who personally fabricated evidence as an officer of the court to a judge who ignored that obvious fact, and for all that, you can thank politicians who prostituted themselves in kneeling down to worship the feminist doctrine of Male Gender Apartheid.

Ontario's economy could boom, if it dealt with the inequities of family law and installed a real Authority with real power to deal with the real criminals in society who are called Ontario Family Court Judges.

Remember, Real Crime Starts In Family Court
It takes a Dead Beat Judge to Create a Dead Beat Dad

( Quote of Stacy Robb -Toronto)


Attention Grand-Mothers - If you have a married son...