Playboy sent to slammer

Bonito Monteiro...intimidating in the court.


AS HE faced a long jail term for raping his former girlfriend, the Sydney playboy Bonito Monteiro continued his campaign of terror and intimidation against her.

The beautiful blonde - codenamed "JR" - had kept out of his line of sight for the entire proceedings, but as Monteiro was led from the dock he turned to face her and made violent spitting gestures while sticking his middle finger up.

It was all he had left to hurt the 37-year-old, having raped her in the eastern suburbs apartment they shared before returning to trash it when he discovered she had gone to the police.

Monteiro, 42, a failed actor and model who once dated the Oscar nominee Barbara Hershey, had an extensive violent history against women, including a suspended sentence for stalking another former girlfriend, a Central Coast model.

A 6-year jail sentence for attempting to blackmail another rape victim had been overturned on a technicality, and another former girlfriend, a Sydney real estate agent, took out an apprehended violence order against him after the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions dropped charges alleging he abducted her in 2005.

Monteiro had admitted to psychiatrists that he did not deal well with women, perhaps a result of his mother's early death and his subsequent bad relationship with his stepmother.

It is unknown whether he has any contact with a daughter from a relationship he had while living in the US.

As he sat in court Monteiro stared at this reporter, pointed his finger and thumb like a gun and pretended to shoot. It was a far cry from the smooth-talking lothario who changed his name from Simon Lowe to Bonito Monteiro, telling women the latter two meant "beautiful hunter".

On hearing he would be spending at least seven years and nine months in jail for the aggravated sexual assault of JR and malicious damage and theft of her property, he launched a verbal tirade at Judge Stephen Norrish.

The judge warned Monteiro he could be found in contempt and threatened to increase his non-parole period for the outburst.

JR sat clutching her new partner's hand as details of the sexual attack were read in court.

Monteiro had raped her after she came home from spending time with her parents. He later returned to the apartment and caused more than $15,000 of damage.

Outside court she said the verdict had been a "blessing" but she was unsure how she felt about the sentence. "Hopefully a few more women will sleep more soundly."