Convicts and convictions

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

April 22, 2009 at 12:00 AM EDT

Convicted killer Colin Thatcher has written a memoir, and Saskatchewan's government is, understandably, unhappy that the former provincial cabinet minister might make money from his horrifying crime. But the government should be wary of drafting a law to seize the profits of criminals who tell, or sell, their stories. Suppress a Colin Thatcher today, and tomorrow the autobiography of a Malcolm X, or the plea for a new trial from a Rubin Carter, or the ruminations of a white-collar criminal such as Conrad Black, or the insider accounts of a war criminal such as Albert Speer, might be stifled. The U.S. Supreme Court has wondered if Henry David Thoreau's Civil Disobedience or the Confessions of Saint Augustine would have been written if the law had allowed payments to be seized from them.

The most repugnant scenario would be to let a serial child killer such as Clifford Olson, or a major al-Qaeda terrorist, make money from sharing his story. Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Alberta have laws enabling the government to seize the profits of such books or recollections. But it is risky, in several ways, to use the worst-case scenarios to justify suppressing an individual's right to free speech.

Consider a criminal who – like Mr. Thatcher – argues he was wrongfully convicted. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, sentenced to die in New Jersey for murder, wrote a book while in prison, and his conviction was overturned. And what of battered women who kill a violent spouse and are convicted for it? Shouldn't they be permitted to argue that they were unjustly convicted, or punished excessively?

Suppressing speech from a class of people, in this case convicted criminals, is risky in itself. Convicted people may have certain experiences that the public could benefit from hearing; these could be about life in prison, or about the inner workings of the Mafia, or a terrorist group, or about the justice system or police, or their parents and the schools, or the life that ex-criminals have when released into the community.

It is hard to imagine who would wish to buy Mr. Thatcher's self-justifying tome, to be published by ECW Press of Toronto. He killed his ex-wife JoAnn Wilson (née Geiger) after a bitter custody battle, and spent more than two decades in prison before being paroled. Apparently he learned nothing. But he (or those in a similar position, since Saskatchewan is not proposing a retroactive law aimed at Mr. Thatcher himself) did serve his time.

It is unjust, even loathsome, when crime pays. But governments should be careful about depriving convicted criminals of the right to expression.


Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: Canada is riddled by corrupt judges who make political decisions - and Canada also suffers the typical American simple minded "polarized views" that often reflect a politically correct view point that makes "simple sense". Its also a view that seeks retribution of jail sentences that exceed what is required to deter and prevent crime.

Anyone who is "convicted" should have the right to publish a book on why they believe the conviction was improper.

It is simply too easy to say that criminals should not profit from their crime but, such a rule should not be a thinly veiled method of censoring or forever preventing them from speaking out their cry of innocence.

It is better that convicted criminals be able to profit from writing a book than to place any deterrent or impediment against all convicted persons from expressing their claim to innocence and injustice at trial.

Judges like the CORRUPT Allan Sheffield and Denis Power leave a trail of destroyed lives by engaging in Politically Correct decision making that TOTALLY ignores the principles of justice and even the most simple commonsense rules regarding evidence.

The CORRUPT JUDGE ALLAN SHEFFIELD uses "Quadruple hearsay" on a 'summary judgment' motion to record criminal convictions, "Without a Trial" !

Even the witches of Salem got a trial, Ontario Superior Court Judge Allan Sheffield denies that basic right, to exact "revenge" for speaking out against of all things, Corrupt Judges and thats something that you won't find too many good judges or lawyers objecting to.

Canadians should not be fooled into supporting "politically correct" legislative requests without very carefully considering "the Prejudice", its just too easy for simple minded people who have no ability to reason logically to support "right wing" ideas on justice, law and order.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: There is nothing more revolting than INJUSTICE and specifically, CORRUPT JUDGES who with display a psychopathic lack of empathy, a disrespect for the fundamental principles of justice, and who bring the entire administration of Justice into ill-repute, and thats being polite.

To be a little more direct, in Canada we have a small percentage of persons who are dangers to society and should be indefinitely incarcerated. These are the generally the less educated criminals. The greater the intelligence and education, the less likely they are of getting caught and the more likely they will remain forever unaccountable for their crimes.

The greatest dangers to Canadians, are not criminals or terrorists, at least not as Canadians imagine them, the greatest dangers to Canadian Society are those who betray, those who ABUSE their Absolute Power.

The persons most likely to abuse their power are those with the most amount of power and in Canada, that is a Superior Court or Appeal Court JUDGE.


Ontario is plagued with an epidemic problem of corrupt judges who make political decisions instead of legal decisions, their Criminal Mentality allows them to justify in their own minds and that of their "brother judges" as to why they should make draconian decisions of monumental injustice that leaves destroys lives absolutely.

The most vile examples of this kind of Judge happen to be at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa, and here are three of them.

Judge Richard Lajoe,
When a father called him an insult to justice, he had the father arrested on a charge of Criminal Defamation and later heard the matter in his own court and alter refused to testify as the complainant.

Justice Denis Power and Justice Sheffield are "Dirty Judges" they act like the hit men of the judiciary, to do the dirtiest of deeds that deprive children of their right to a relationship with their father, all because Sheffield and Power can't resist the temptations of absolute power.