Solicitor General assailed over traffic violations

B.C. Liberals hit snag in campaign with two controversies



From Saturday's Globe and Mail

April 25, 2009 at 8:44 AM EDT


VANCOUVER and VICTORIA The B.C. Liberal bid for a third term, which has proceeded smoothly through the first third of the current election campaign, ran into serious trouble yesterday with news that the Solicitor-General has had to give up his drivers' licence due to unpaid speeding tickets, and the release of an e-mail in which candidate Marc Dalton basically equates homosexuality to pornography.

John van Dongen, the Solicitor-General, has also given up his responsibilities for the Insurance Corporation of B.C. and the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

The two men apologized in statements and interviews, but the bombshell developments provided political traction for the New Democrats, who had been having campaign troubles that included the resignation of a candidate who posted saucy photos on Facebook, and blistering attacks on the party from high-profile environmentalists, including David Suzuki, over their opposition to the carbon tax.

The NDP's public safety critic said Mr. van Dongen should quit.

"He has to go," said Mike Farnworth.

"He is the province's top cop - the minister responsible for road safety and the enforcement of the traffic code. It is unacceptable. He has lost all credibility."

NDP candidate Spencer Herbert, who found the e-mail written by Mr. Dalton, the Liberal candidate in Mission-Maple Ridge, said it was troubling he made it through a vetting process that Liberals, including Leader Gordon Campbell, touted in light of the troubles with Facebook-damaged candidate Ray Lam.

In the 1996 e-mail, Mr. Dalton said he does not support a gay lifestyle. "I believe homosexuality is a moral issue," he writes.

In an interview, he said his views have changed over the years and that, in any event, he would not impose his views on the public should he be elected an MLA.

"Yes. I have changed. Why? I have gotten older. I've become more open minded. That's where I am as life progresses," he said. "I've changed in the sense of tolerance."

"I feel very bad about this. It's very disappointing. I want to be a benefit to the party and community. In no way do I want to cause grief."

Mr. Campbell, in a late afternoon scrum with reporters, said he thought yesterday's revelations would not have a long-lasting impact on the Liberal campaign.

"I think these are legitimate issues for people to raise,and I think it's how you respond to the issues that makes a difference. I think the campaign is still about British Columbians asking themselves the question about who's best to get us through these challenging times, and get us out on the other side in the strongest possible position," he said.

He noted that Mr. Dalton has apologized for his remarks. And Mr. Campbell noted that Mr. van Dongen paid off his parking tickets.

"[Mr. van Dongen has] come forward and says he wants to be open about this. He's carrying on with his responsibilities as Solicitor-General because obviously we've got a major initiative to go after a lot of the gangs in British Columbia," he said.

"I take my hat off to John for bringing this forward and we have taken the actions that are appropriate

Early in the morning of Jan. 18, after an all-night sitting of the legislature, Mr. van Dongen climbed in his pickup truck and raced to catch the 9 a.m. ferry to get home to Abbotsford on the mainland.

He said yesterday he doesn't know just how fast he was going when police spotted him on the Patricia Bay highway, but it would have been over 120 kilometres an hour.

"I was hoping to make the ferry," Mr. van Dongen in an interview after announcing he has been ordered to give up his drivers' licence.

The highway has a posted speed limit of 80 km-h for most of the stretch that connects downtown Victoria with the ferry terminal at Swartz Bay. Excessive speeding means more than 41km-h above the posted limit.

Mr. van Dongen, who has a lengthy history of speeding, learned on Thursday that he had lost his licence for four months after collecting two tickets for excessive speeding in a short period of time.

"I'm not proud of my record," he said.

The Liberal candidate for Abbotsford South now must finish the election campaign relying on public transit or having campaign workers chauffeur him around.

He said he cannot recall how many speeding tickets he has collected during his 43 years, but acknowledged he has a "history of speeding."

He promised to do better when he is allowed to drive again.

Sergeant John Price of the Saanich Police, the detachment responsible for the Patricia Bay highway, said anyone who garners an excessive speeding charge on that stretch of road would stand out.

"They are so noticeable they get reported by other motorists as dangerous drivers, everyone can tell they are travelling way too fast," he said.

It's not the first time a cabinet minister responsible for traffic safety in B.C. has landed in hot water for a lead foot.

In 1993, the Liberal opposition called for Moe Sihota to give up responsibility for ICBC when it was revealed the New Democratic Party cabinet minister had collected seven speeding tickets in five years.





Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: The NDP have created an issue, traffic tickets aside, they claim, an email sent 12 years ago, by Mr. Dalton is sufficient evidence for him to be removed as the Attorney General of BC.

What the NDP are really saying is, if you express any opinion, that the contradicts the doctrine of the Gay Lesbian minority, then you are homophobic to the point that you should not be working as, ? Attorney General?

Just were to the NDP get off their paranoid selfish interest soapbox?

The answer is that Jack Layton is probably Canada's most Anti Family Politician, unless of course you hold the view that ideal family is two mummies or two daddies.

Canadians need to take careful note that the No Dads Party have made it very clear that they do not support "Equal Parenting", which is in effect, unbridled support for the Feminist doctrine that children don' t need fathers and that fathers are good for two things, sperm and money and anything else is unnecessary.

The NDP are effectively, promoting hatred towards men, they are promoting Male Gender Apartheid, complete with concentration camps for any man who dares to suggest that children have a right to an equal relationship with both parents after separation.

The reality is Ontario Jails are now overflowing with fathers who simply went to court asking for access to their children and for this politically incorrect "crime", a family court judge typically sets in place an order for child support, based on an income that never existed and can't exist, the same judges issue orders for "security for costs" and "vexatious litigant orders".

These anti-father orders, effectively sentence an Ontario father to a life time of indefinite repeated incarceration without any right to ask for a variation, his only choice is "voluntary deportation", thats right, our NDP feminist appointed judiciary are issuing Deportation Orders.


Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Judge Allan Sheffield, Canada) wrote: There may just be another explanation for those speeding tickets. Lets suppose that there are some Traffic cops who are either gay, lesbian or just plain old ordinary enthusiastic socialist NDP supporters who just happen, just happen to know, the license plate and car of the Attorney General and just happen to know the route that he will be taking.

That could explain how and why Van Dongen ended up with 5 tickets in 5 years. It could also be that Van Dongen was watched almost continuously and the moment he went he went to overtake he got nabbed. It could be that the only 5 times he was ever speeding was when he got caught, but that's really not that important, odds are Van Dongen knew he had a fleet of NDP traffic cops all itching for bragging rights as having to given Van Dongen a traffic ticket.

Traffic tickets can have all sorts of explanations, and are not criminal offenses, and over a 5 year period, are not sufficient reason to demand his resignation.

There is another reason that does require answers, just what explanation does Van Dongen have for not paying the tickets?

It is that failure to pay his tickets that could end his career. Not to mention a crazy polygamy prosecution.