Liberal policy on domestic violence 'devastating' for women


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April 27, 2009 at 8:14 AM EDT

VANCOUVER [A B.C. Liberal government] will expand partnerships with non-profit and volunteer organizations to further expand access to 24/7 safe homes for women escaping violent or abusive relationships - from the Liberal platform booklet Keep BC Strong

Shortly after they were elected in 2001, the Liberals cut support services for victims of domestic violence as part of a wide-ranging effort to reduce spending and lower taxes. In their second term in office they changed the focus of services, putting more money into programs such as counselling and less into groups demanding changes in the way the welfare system, the courts and the police respond to violence. This year they are spending almost twice as much as in 2001.

The Liberals can legitimately boast about their support for safe homes. But a room to escape violence is only a small part of a network of services with gaping holes that the Liberals have shown no interest in filling. Advocates for women's rights say housing designated for women escaping violence is being used for the homeless. They fear the government in its third term may privatize the facilities, undermining the services.

"This period of time between 2002 and 2009 in the province of B.C. has been a devastating one for women," said Shelagh Day, co-author of a report, Inaction and Non-compliance: British Columbia's Approach to Women's Inequality, submitted last fall to a United Nations committee on the elimination of discrimination against women. Ms. Day, a founder of the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) and international advocate, was among six Canadians who last fall received the Governor-General's Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case.

"The Liberals have been on a course of policy decisions and cuts that had a very negative impact on women of this province," Ms. Day said in an interview. "The Liberals won't acknowledge it and the NDP are not openly fighting back."

Government funding was eliminated for 35 of 69 community-based victim-services programs in 2002, according to the report submitted to the UN. The government began to reverse direction in 2005, with funding for 43 new outreach programs to counsel and assist women.

About $48-million will be spent this year on programs for women and children leaving violence, an increase of more than $20-million since 2001. The province currently has 63 transition houses, 27 safe homes and nine so-called second stage houses. Last year around 13,000 women and children took advantage of the transition-house program.

The government provides financing for community groups that support women fleeing violence and training programs to help health-care workers recognize signs of violence and sexual abuse. Policy changes have enabled women leaving abusive situations to receive immediate income assistance, waiving normal wait-times requiring a search for work and independent living.

The government record, though, is under a shadow. Ms. Day's report to the UN cites the elimination of the provincial ministry dedicated to promoting women's equality as evidence of the government's determination to erase women's issues from the public agenda. Additional setbacks listed in the report include granting more discretion to police and prosecutors on whether to arrest and charge those involved in domestic violence, restricting legal aid for family law except for situations involving domestic violence, and relying more on alternative programs such as counselling and mediation, which in some cases provide opportunities for further abuse.




More One Stop Divorce Shops - For every abused woman there is an Abused Man. Men suffer in silence, they know if they pick up the phone to call 911 odds are it is he rather than she who will be leaving the home, unlikely ever to have a relationship with the children again.

Physical abuse is only one small part of domestic abuse, our government gives women the right to abuse men, with impunity and immunity by its FAILURE to specifically legislate a presumption of equal parenting after separation.

Ontario Family Court Judges generally and largely totally ignore a child's right to an equal relationship with both parents. They use any dirty trick, they engage in Criminal behaviour, deliberate obstruction of justice - For example Justice Allan Sheffield and Denis Power of Ottawa will make any decision that suits them to exact "revenge", they are "the hit men" of the judiciary, generally more dangerous than childhood sex abusers.

These two judges ruthlessly and without compassion and or fiduciary duty, simply "end litigation" by the most dirtiest legally improper tactics.

While we have the underbelly of the judiciary such as Power and Sheffield, women will continue to be treated as victims with halo's around their head and men will continue to be destroyed if not effectively deported from Canada if not Ontario.

This housing program, will do nothing but provide yet another , very powerful financial incentive for violent abusive women to beat up their husbands, have him charged, and flee to instantly available public housing bypassing the normal very long waiting lists.

That's right, fabricate evidence, have an innocent man charged , jump the queue and create even more false statistics and even more demand for even more public housing.

Check out the research by Peter Roscoe at

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The government has just added to the incredible lottery type rewards that the government will provide as incentives for women to make false allegations of domestic violence.

First, it's an instant way of getting "interim" sole custody and windfall tax free income even if you a woman earning a high income and he was a stay at home dad, he will be booted and put in jail for not paying support an income he cannot earn.

The financial impoverishment of the father can easily be turned into endless, indefinite periods of repeated incarceration upon a mother's whim, if he does not pay her what she wants.

Fathers take note this is exactly what happened to Peter Roscoe and, what has happened to Peter Roscoe could happen to you.

Read about his heroic efforts at

Peter Roscoe is presently incarcerated in the Ottawa Regional Detention Centre,

Letters of support can be sent to the following address.

You can donate to Peter Roscoe's Jail Canteen fund by sending a Money Order made out to Peter Roscoe at
Peter Karl Roscoe C/o
Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre
2244 Innes Road
Ottawa ON
K1B 4C4



 The Government fails to think though the problem. The statistics show that for every abused woman there is an abused man. Police guidelines and bias, result in police adopting two very different policies.

If a woman calls alleging "help me" , to 911, thats enough for the police to arrest HIM when he is the one with blood dripping from his mouth and no apparent injuries on her.

Thats enough to get any woman sole temporary custody and a year later, at $100,000 later end up in a criminal trial to have a Feminist judge simply dismiss the charges but include sufficient total fabrications as to prejudice the father for life as a wife beater.

Its our feminist judiciary, who are appointed by those who are corrupt, that is, the domestic violence feminist industry who have an incredible financial incentive.

Feminists need feminist judges to keep convicting innocent men, to allow violent women to be presented as yet, more victims when most are anything but.

Check out the research by Peter Roscoe on judicial abuse of power at / roscoe

The One Stop Divorce Shop business is growing exponentially, its filling Ontario Jails with innocent men who are simply victims of very abusive violent women with severe personality disorders.

The fact is, the feminists most likely candidates are exactly the wrong sort of judges, their candidates, are like them, willing to fabricate evidence, engage in criminal activity for their own financial gain.

The One Stop Divorce Shop Business is largely criminal in nature and those who gain from it are living off the proceeds of crime funded by our feminist government.



Its' pure insanity, the government is investing millions into a very largely criminal cartel that feeds a corrupt greedy group that is comprised of "front line workers" giving tactical advice on how to destroy men to feminist lawyers who personally fabricate evidence to a largely feminist judiciary who make solely political decisions that agree with feminist doctrine.

Best interests of children? Forget it, thats a fairy tale that only exists in the propaganda of the Judiciary that does stand the smell test, its vile odor leeches from the court room walls in palpable obvious blatant hatred towards men.

If you are a male, you can't complain to the police, there are almost no services for abused men, and the government fails to provide dollar for dollar services for women and men.

Its right there that the proof exists, the stats show that for every abused man there is an abused woman?

Why are men reporting domestic violence.

Well, men value families, men value being parents, if the marriage ends, thanks to our corrupt family courts, he may never see the kids again and he can end up being repeatedly incarcerated.

Its a War of Terror, conducted by the Canadian Association of Man Haters, that is, feminists with a pathological hatred of men, often caused by abuse by a male a generation earlier.

What these feminists don't realize is, for every abused man who suffers false allegations, false criminal charges and the devastation of family court, there is a paternal mother, a paternal aunt, female cousins, sisters , that is a large number of females who suffer as a result of an unjustified criminal attack on an innocent loving father.

Its time for the liberals to look closely at how their support for the One Stop Divorce Shop business might win one feminist vote but will alienate all the female relatives of an innocent abused man.


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David Hersh - Nice post - I had a similar experience, After I suffered months of vicious unprovoked assaults, generally she came from behind, silently, then with a strong punch from the rear to the head, she would stand there screaming abuse with words that made no sense, foaming at the mouth.

She was the victim, yes, of childhood sexual abuse, and had a dysfunctional relationship with , well that abuser.. A generation later, she still wanted the relationship with her relative abuser, and had paranoid unfounded fears that I would do to her what was done to her.

She sought out the local feminist organization, run by a very aggressive lesbian, known for sexually assaulting and abusing heterosexual female workers who she employed.

Next followed fabrication of evidence, when her lawyer refused to go along with it, the same feminist organization got her their own lawyer, yes, another well known lesbian with a chronic reputation of having a hatred towards men. She personally fabricated evidence.

The whole lot, funded under programs for "abused women"..

One abused woman, a real abused woman who suffered real abuse from a really violent man, was repeatedly approached at the shelter to provide a fabricated affidavit, she refused, and she was placed on repeated interviews, and to her credit, she refused that pressure.

That same abused woman told me they pulled out a manual, it had "sample affidavits" all with horrible allegations of physical, emotional, psychological, financial abuse.

It was simply cut and paste and insert the names, one affidavit suits all with minor modifications to get temporary custody and thats what it was all about.

The Liberals will alienate quite a few female voters who are relatives of Canada's epidemic of abused men.