Liberals gather to fete Dion, skewer Harper


Globe and Mail Update

May 2, 2009 at 1:26 AM EDT

VANCOUVER — It was vintage Chrétien on Friday night. Unfortunately, it was also vintage Dion.

Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien had the crowd at the Liberal convention cheering and on their feet with his partisan jabs at Stephen Harper and his Tories.

Stéphane Dion, the outgoing leader, who was being feted for his tenure, also had Liberals on their feet - but it was as they were walking out on his speech. It was that bad.

This was supposed to be Mr. Dion's night. Instead, his speech which was slated for about 15 minutes went nearly 30. It was flat, professorial and a reminder of why he fared so poorly in the last election. He couldn't lift the words off the page. His speech was mostly a rehash of some of his promises and policies from last year's disastrous election.


Mr. Dion also quoted an obscure German philosopher; he spoke about the price of a barrel of oil and how cruel the Harper Tories were to him. He talked about greening the economy and said again there should be a “price” on carbon. It was that carbon tax plan of his, the Green Shift, that hurt the Liberals so badly in the last election.

He criticized the Tories for cutting back on culture. He thanked the previous leaders and complimented Mr. Ignatieff. He did not mention his wife, Janine Krieber, or his daughter and they were not in attendance.

Mr. Dion received a couple of standing ovations but the biggest came when he suggested that Mr. Ignatieff will become Prime Minister.

As the speech ended, a Tory spin doctor was sending out e-mails to reporters, noting that Mr. Dion offered more policy in his departure speech than Mr. Ignatieff has in the four months since he took over as unofficial leader.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chrétien received several ovations. He joked that Stephen Harper was missing in action on the world stage, making fun of the Prime Minister for missing the “family photo” at the recent G20 summit because he was in the bathroom.

“Where is Stephen Harper?” was his refrain. And then he proceeded to ask the delegates where is Mr. Harper on helping in Africa, on China and in aiding Cuba.

“We know where he is. He is nowhere,” said Mr. Chrétien to cheers from the crowd.

He also mocked Mr. Harper for being tough on crime.

“I thought Stephen Harper was supposed to be tough on crime. He should be charged with stealing our record,” said Mr. Chrétien. The crowd loved it.

But Mr. Chrétien said Mr. Harper shouldn't be blamed: “If I had his record I would want to steal someone else's record.”

Later, Paul Martin, whom Mr. Dion succeeded at the Montreal convention in 2006, also paid tribute to his colleague.

He noted Mr. Dion's famous stubbornness on environmental issues and called him courageous for standing up to the Harper Tories.

Mr. Ignatieff also complimented Mr. Dion for what he had done to recruit more women candidates. And he promised that he would at least do the same or try to do better.





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