A black eye for public life

Tim Powers,

In an Ottawa hearing room where the Oliphant inquiry is taking place, former prime minister Brian Mulroney is trying to clear his name.

In a committee room on Parliament Hill, Ruby Dhalla is dealing with the allegations against her.

In a court house on Elgin Street, Ottawa's Mayor Larry O'Brien fights criminal charges.

Public life is getting a big black eye today. We will see in the days that come what sort of body blows will be delivered to politics and some of its participants.






Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa Home of the Corrupt Family Court Judges, Canada wrote: Black Eye? Ontario Fathers get suffer endless habitual draconian abuses from Ontario's most powerful people, the Judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Family Division, the underbelly of which hear cases when they know there is a conflict, the sort of conflict that no decent judge would ever allow. They make decisions that are "illegal".

Take the Dishonourable , the very corrupt, the flagrant abuse of Judicial Power "Justice Allan Sheffield.

He issues criminal convictions, without a trial, that's right, he makes "private arrangements" to hold hearings, called "summary judgment" to avoid trials ordered by other judges and makes draconian decisions based on , wait for it, "Quadruple Hearsay Affidavit Evidence that has never been examined.

His orders include, wait for it, "A fine payable personally to the mother", that's right, he now gives every woman in Ontario the belief that she can simply ask the Dishonourable, the CORRUPT, Allan Sheffield, to make a finding that "she was annoyed" based on any multiple hearsay affidavit evidence and on that kind of evidence record a criminal conviction with JAIL consequences, if NOT Paid, thats right, not a fine payable into court, the treasurer etc, a FINE... to the other party.

Justice Allan Sheffield is not the only VILE example of corrupt abusers in the Judges Chambers at 161 Elgin Street.
Its riddled with the wrong sort of personalities who cannot be entrusted with "absolute power", some can be almost guaranteed to flagrantly abuse their power and destroy lives with total immunity and impunity.

And that really is a black eye for Canada's international reputation as country riddled with a corrupt vile judiciary.