Defence minister breaks arm in rugby match

May 28, 2009 11:29 AM


OTTAWA Defence Minister Peter MacKay is nursing a broken arm after a mishap in a charity rugby match.

The 43-year-old minister broke his right arm in the game which included members of the Canadian Forces team, the Ottawa Irish Rugby Club and national team players Rod Snow and Morgan Williams.

The game raised $25,000 for the Military Families Fund.

MacKay is known as a sports enthusiast who runs and plays hockey and baseball as well as rugby.

He is active in the Pictou County Senior Rugby Club back home in Nova Scotia.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Peter MacKay at least is a leader, and demonstrates that he has what it takes to be a team player even when the going gets tough. Its that kind of ethic that is lacking in Canadian Politics. Peter's broken arm in a sling will be akin to a war medal. He is a political resource that has a lot long term potential regardless of what ever changes happen in government. Now, I'd like to hear Peter MacKay express an opinion on Canada's need for a legal presumption of equal parenting.