PM plans law to allow lawsuits against terrorists

May 31, 2009 12:37 PM


Prime Minister Stephen Harper will introduce legislation that will allow victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators in Canadian courts.

Harper says the legislation will give victims justice against people, organizations and foreign states that support terrorism.

It also sends a clear message that Canada will hold sponsors and perpetrators of terrorism accountable for their crimes.

Harper says details will be provided when the legislation is introduced this week.

Harper made the announcement at a Canadian Jewish Congress event in Toronto where he received the Saul Hayes Human Rights Award.

The award is given to an individual who has rendered distinguished service to the cause of human rights.

The CJC says Harper is getting the award for several reasons including his vigorous condemnation of anti-Semitism and his steadfast support for Israel.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, NDP leader Jack Layton and Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom are also speaking at the CJC's 90th anniversary celebration.



Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre


Canada's legislation in most provinces makes men second class citizens with a legal process designed to remove legal rights. While fails to provide children with an equal right to parenting by both parents. Family Court Judges flagrantly abuse their power as does legislation to criminalize men whose only crime is seeking to enforce their child's right to have a relationship with them. Family Court Judges are destroying lives by the thousands with a psychopathic lack of compassion, legal ethics while having a total immunity from civil and criminal prosecution for crimes against humanity. Check out the research by Peter Roscoe at



5/31/2009 3:30:31 PM

Mr Harper does not need to look in caves in Afghanistan for terrorists or worry about being able to sue them, thats just a Cheap Political trick to score points.

Mr. Harper should take a trip over the road to 161 Elgin Street Ottawa and take a close look at the terrorists destroying Canadian society not to mention the Rule of Law.

Mr. Harper can find the most vile examples of criminality, not to mention flagrant abusers of absolute power, on the Fifth Floor, at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa. That's where the underbelly of the Ottawa Family Court Judiciary can be found.

Mr. Harper should take note that the underbelly of the Family Court Judiciary, habitually commit criminal offenses, all in the guise of "the process of justification", to, "get rid of a case", "exercise revenge" etc, These judicial terrorists leave a trail of destroyed lives.
Take the Dishonourable Allan Sheffield, he makes criminal convictions, justified by quadruple hearsay affidavit "evidence" that was never examined. He orders "Fines payable personally" that's right, he will order a payment and if its not made, it has a jail sentence attached, that's right, Sheffield, runs his own private Judicial Sentencing scam, a corrupt way of making orders he knows can't be complied with with jail consequences. Then, he puts on top, draconian "security for costs", all the hallmarks of a very obviously very corrupt judge and, apparently encouraged by the senior judges at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa.

Mr. Harper should change the legislation so that judges cannot hide behind judicial robes to commit criminal offenses with impunity and immunity not to mention a total lack of accountability.