Sweeping change proposed for sex offender registry

New legislation would force all convicted to submit samples to a national DNA data bank

Gloria Galloway

Ottawa — Globe and Mail Update,

Convicted sex offenders will automatically be listed in the National Sex Offender Registry under new legislation introduced today by the federal government.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan announced major changes to the way sex offenders are treated at an early morning news conference.

“Police services and victims' groups have been clear,” said Mr. Van Loan. “The National Sex Offender Registry must be strengthened so that it better protects our children and communities from sexual predators.”

Among the sweeping revisions proposed is a plan to let police use the registry to prevent sexual offences. At the moment, they may only consult the registry after a crime has been committed. This would allow police to question known sex offenders from the moment a child goes missing.

The government is also planning to force all convicted sex offenders to submit samples of their DNA to a national DNA data bank.

In addition, people who commit sex crimes abroad will be included in the sex offender registry and they will be required to notify Canadian authorities of their conviction within seven days of returning to Canada.

When a convicted sex offender changes residence, the police will be required to notify the Canadian or foreign police in that area of the move. And the National Defence Act will be updated to reflect the changes.

Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers fanned out across the country today to announce the plans that are a major plank in the government's law and order platform.




Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

6/1/2009 10:50:50 AM
Another diversion by the Harper government. Perhaps they Conservatives should think more about their principles, if they have them, about "family values", the right of children to have a mother and a father enshrined as a legal presumption.
Its the children who grow up without a father role model in their lives who are most prone to end up in jail or as a teen pregnancy.

Dysfunctional families breed dysfunctional children, and for that to happen, it just takes ONE Dysfunctional, psychopathic Ontario Superior Court Family Division JUDGE who makes feminist political decisions.

The list of child abusers in Canada unfortunately does not include the names of the worst child abusers in Canada, you can find those names included on a list of those who are appointed as Judges of the Ontario Superior Court Family Division.

Take Ottawa's "worst of the worst" , "the worst judge ever", "the judge who never smiles", the dis-honourable Allan Sheffield who thinks nothing of terminating a child's relationship with their father and sending him to a life time in jail , without a trial, based on quadruple hearsay affidavit evidence that was never examined. That's Sheffield for you.

Another dis-honourable is Denis Power, he says a judge, thats right, a judges indictment of a mother on criminal charges of assaulting a father was, wait for it, "harassment" and on that basis he issued a "restraining order" to banish the father from the entire city, for ever.

These vile examples of humanity, have a fiduciary duty, a legal responsibility, they think is some kind of personal weapon of mass destruction, a license to kill, a licence to abuse.

They use "the process of justification", thats using imagination that turns a dubious ink dot on a white wall into a black wall. It applies a double evidentary standard that is in effect a "Male Sharia Law" that has one purpose, to criminalize fathers and anyone they don't like.




Canadians need to be more concerned about the worst child abusers in society, who are not on any sex offenders registry.

The worst form of child abuse is robbing a child of a parent for no other reason than a seething hatred of men.

The worst examples of male hatred are to be found demonstrated in what are called "Ontario Family Court Legal Decisions" but they are not "legal decisions" they are Political decisions, not based on law but on a doctrine of the promotion of hatred towards men, and its practiced on a daily basis by the underbelly, the few judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice who engage in "Male Sharia Law", its not really law, its a flagrant psychopathic abuse of Judicial Power for no other reason than personal hatred.

Child abusers come in all shapes and forms, sexual abuse is just on facet, the number of children who don't have a father in Canada is staggering, around 50% and for every child in Ontario who does not have a father, you can generally thank an Ontario Superior Court Family Court Judge.

Canada needs a legal presumption of Equal Parenting.

Now watch as the feminists scream and get yet another post removed.

www.OttawaMensCentre.com   ( Globe's big brother e-sensor beat this post)


Jomo Wanjala post is defamatory and false. The Ottawa Mens Centre's post was about "child abuse" and that it is comes in various forms, one of the worst, one of the most damaging is in the form of parental alienation and the "root cause" of that is the bias and prejudice of Ontario Superior Court Family Court judges who include a small percentage who don't hesitate to make decisions against men without any consideration whatsoever of the best interests of children.

Some Family Court Judges use their power to "get revenge" and simply flagrantly abuse their absolute power.

That is NOT racist.




The Globe's censorship is bizarre, extreme, unnecessary that smacks of an aberrant paranoia of anything that might cause a complaint.

The posts that often attract the most clicks on "Report Abuse" include many posts of public importance for the public benefit.

Now no one questions that a former prime minister was "on the take", just imagine the clicks on report abuse if that allegation was made about a serving xxxx.

The Person likely to abuse is the person with the Greatest Amount of Power.

Absolute Power corrupts and unfortunately, its politically incorrect to suggest that some of those with absolute power betray the trust of society.




DNA is a more secure identification than any other.
DNA information has many positive features, its these positive benefits to society that must be balanced against privacy rights that are lost , without a trial, without a conviction upon a charge being laid and charges are laid every day across Canada not because of any actual offence but because the local police or local powers decided to "get someone". In Canada it's how the underbelly of the establishment "get rid of someone".

Canadian Children deserve the legal right to know WHO their father is, one in six children have a name of a father on the birth certificate who is NOT their biological father.

The only solution is DNA testing for the issuance of a birth certificate.
Fathers deserve the right to know that the child they assume theirs is actually their's and not the product of paternity fraud.

If every citizen of Canada has a DNA test at birth, then EVERY Canadian will be in a data bank and NO one will escape detection if they left DNA evidence at the scene.

The benefits of mandatory DNA testing at birth far outweigh any prejudice to society.



6/1/2009 1:09:06 PM

Thanks JS3, nice to see some real stats. If Mr. Harper suddenly decided to make a sentencing guideline of life without the possibility of parole for any sexual offense, probably, it would be a winner of a political idea.

As would it be a winner of a political idea to say, well, so what if 80% don't reoffend, keep 100% in jail to avoid the 20% as that is an unacceptable risk.

Society needs to listen to the experts, in particular, the Criminal Judges, Criminal Lawyers , Prosecutors and the specialists who treat these offenders to make practical recommendations to parliament on how the law should be framed.

Once you have red necked rambo politicians making legal decisions, you have the equivalent of a lynch mob each with MP after their names all seeking political glory , from attacking those who can't defend themselves even if they are or appear to be the vilest in society.

If you sit in criminal court and watch the experienced judges in action, they make extensive inquiries, and are often hamstrung by sentencing guidelines that largely removes any judicial discretion they otherwise might have had, that society also expects them to use.

Law should be law, not an excuse for politicians to make uneducated legal decisions nor, should it be used by judges to abuse their discretion by making political decisions instead of legal decisions.

While we have politicians playing law and judges playing politics, the Rule of law is being destroyed and it makes Canada a third world legal system.