Ignatieff and PM square off on attack ads, crime in Stampede speeches



Harper blames other parties for hampering efforts to get tough on crime while Liberal Leader blasts 'vicious' Conservative attack ads


CALGARY — The Canadian Press


The big guns in the Liberal and Conservative parties rode into the Calgary Stampede on Saturday, but there was no showdown, only a shoot-out of words that rang out hours apart.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff got off the first volley in front of about 700 at a Stampede breakfast.

He blasted Prime Minister Stephen Harper for negative attack ads and said the Liberals are a solid alternative for people fed up with the way the Tories are running the country.

The government needs to act on its stimulus package, get public finances under control and figure out a way to supply medical isotopes to everyone in Canada who needs a test or treatment, Mr. Ignatieff said.

Mr. Harper unleashed his shots at a Stampede barbecue later Saturday evening among 800 party faithful.

He promised his Conservative government won't be pressured into making bad choices by other political parties.

Mr. Harper's minority government could topple if the Liberal Opposition voted with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois against a confidence motion.

But Mr. Harper said he won't be held hostage and will continue to push legislation that lowers taxes and gets tough on crime.

Mr. Harper also touted his government's success in lowering taxes even through a global recession and warned that with any of the other political parties in power the trend would not continue.

He defended his government's actions during the recession, pointing out 80 per cent of the government's stimulus funding has been committed.

“No matter how much stimulus spending we do, and we're spending a lot, they demand more, tens of billions more.”

He pointed out Canada is doing better than all other major countries in weathering the recession, and said that means taxes will still be lower once it's over.

Mr. Harper also portrayed his government as trying to get tough on crime but being shackled to the actions of “the three parties of the left.”

Mr. Ignatieff will raise taxes if brought to power, Mr. Harper said, adding past Liberal promises would have led to “bloated bureaucracy” and “timid and trendy foreign policies.”

Of 11 crime bills the Tory government has introduced, just one has passed, Mr. Harper said. The others have been stalled in the House by the NDP and the Bloc and by the Liberal majority in the Senate.

Mr. Harper also criticized Mr. Ignatieff for repeatedly taking the country “to the brink of another election” and said the idea of a coalition government would be scary for the future of the country.

“But as a minority government we must be prepared for an election that could be forced on us at any time,” Mr. Harper said.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff delivers a speech at the Alberta Liberal Stampede breakfast Saturday in Calgary.

Mr. Ignatieff fired back, saying Conservative attack ads that suggest Bloc Quebecois members are soft on pedophiles comprise a dirty tactic unworthy of Canadian politics.

The Liberal Leader said the ads, which blast the Bloc for voting against a law that would impose minimum sentences in child trafficking cases, further divide the country.

“I'm in politics to defeat the Bloc Quebecois with real arguments rather than slurs and vicious ad hominem personal attacks,” Mr. Ignatieff told a cheering crowd.

The Conservatives have also run attack ads that criticize Mr. Ignatieff for spending much of his adult life outside the country.

Mr. Ignatieff said there's plenty to criticize about the federal Tories without stooping to attacks on anyone's character or patriotism.

Some have criticized the federal Tories for not vocally supporting the province's oil sands as strongly as the Liberal Leader, and Mr. Ignatieff made it very clear that he intends to continue to stand behind the massive —and controversial — fossil-fuel resource.

“We have to be a party that understands that the beating heart of the Canadian economy, the beating heart of the future of our country, is in Alberta.”





Harper behaves endlessly as though he were a litigant in family court who specializes in "bad faith", and vilifying his opponents as "politically correct".

Mr. Harper's attack add is defamatory, so defamatory that it may be his ultimate political "mistake", except it was no mistake, he acted on the advice of political handlers, advisors, those who played through the prejudice of such an add to the rewards he would obtain.

So, lets run that test, will that attack ad help in Quebec?, most probably not, most probably it will back fire.. Does that matter in the big picture?
Probably not, he has watched his numbers in the Quebec polls shrink to next to nothing so, its probably Harpers way of kissing good bye to his honeymoon with Quebec.

Now, Harper is back to shoring up his English support with the age old, guaranteed American idea of "been seen as tough on crime".

Its a simple minded foolish costly idea that is extremely destructive to the Nation by floating ideas that appeal to the ignorant masses who know next to nothing about the Rule of Law, the justice system or restorative justice. It appeals to the same group that would ever erode legal rights in the fashion of previous failed dictators.

Mr. Harper should have instead, dealt with the more substantive real problems of which there are many that would win the respect of all parties.

One such issue is that of a legal presumption of equal parenting after separation, reform of the child support guidelines and the establishment of a Real Judicial Authority to deal with the underbelly of Canada's Judiciary who increasingly make political decisions to please their masters rather than legal decisions.

The very worst of the worst can be found at 161 Elgin Street Ottawa , the worst of the worst, as he is known, "the judge most famous for his Corrupt Flagrant abuses of judicial power is Allan Sheffield who makes criminal convictions without a trial.


Sorry Typ, should have read
Harper behaves endlessly as though he were a litigant in family court who specializes in "bad faith", and vilifying his opponents as "politically INcorrect".

In this case, Harper goes way below the belt. Its a very cowardly act that is despicable.

Mr. Harper's arrogance is only exceeded by his ignorance on the subject of the Rule of Law or "law and order" as he probably sees it from his red necked ignorant cowardly position.


Mr. Harper's acts raise the question as to weather or not he is just an American puppet Governor of the Great White North.

Those Americans who chose to ask Canada to listen to their concerns over the Iraq war, have got nothing but Abuse from Mr. Harper.

Mr. Harper lacks the moral ability to make moral decisions, he chooses instead to make political decisions that ignore the long term interests or the most substantive issues facing Canada.

Mr. Harper's short sighted greed for political approval can't last, its only a matter of time before the majority of Canadians decide its time for him to go.

Mr. Harper does or did not need to act so abusively towards Canadians.