DJ fired after stunt reveals girl's rape

Australian radio personality dumped as Australian Idol judge over backlash for his stunt that revealed a 14-year old's abuse

Sydney —

 The Associated Press


A popular Australian DJ was dumped as a judge on television's Australian Idol Monday as a national backlash continued over a radio stunt in which a teenage girl hooked up to a polygraph revealed that she had been raped.

Kyle Sandilands, co-host of a top-rated morning radio program, was also off the radio Monday and his station said the Kyle and Jackie O Show was on hold indefinitely.

On last Wednesday's 2Day FM breakfast program, a 14-year-old girl was hooked up to a lie detector and asked on air about her sexual history, at her mother's request.

When the girl revealed she had been raped when she was 12, Mr. Sandilands responded, “Is that the only experience you've had?”

His reaction raised an immediate furor that led to Mr. Sandilands issuing several apologies to the girl and to the public. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he was “distressed” at the way the girl had been treated, and New South Wales state government ordered an investigation into the girl's rape claim.

Network Ten, which broadcasts Australian Idol , said in a statement that Mr. Sandilands' radio image was out of step with the talent show's family-style audience.

“We thank Kyle for his contribution to Australian Idol over the last four years,” the statement said. “But it has become increasingly clear that as Idol has remained a family-focused show ... his radio persona has taken on a more controversial position over this period which is not in the interest of the show.”

Mr. Sandilands had been a judge on the show since 2005.

“I'm disappointed at Channel 10's decision to remove me from Australian Idol ,” Mr. Sandilands said in a statement. “I have truly loved being a part of the show and wish everyone involved all of the success for this coming season.”

The Kyle and Jackie O Show had previously aired segments about people stripping for money and the search for Sydney's smallest penis.









8/3/2009 3:27:01 PM
Classic Knee Jerk Politically Correct decision that defies logic and common sense.

The Radio Station first dug its OWN grave by deciding to ask a 14 year old girl, on line, about her sexual history.

The Mother is probably the worst abuser of all, she is the parent who CONSENTED to her 14 year old daughter to be hooked up to a Polygraph and, asked about her sexual history.

The Radio Station, rather than accept responsibility for "its show" and "its direction" to have the DJ ask the questions.

Fourthly, the DJ, in brilliant hindsight, should not have allowed himself to be asking those questions and should have refused to do the show but, the Radio Station, its director /directors, the idiot, who decided to do this show are responsible not only for the show but the destruction of the D.J.'s reputation and career.

8/3/2009 3:37:24 PM
This news item will be grasped by feminists and the politically correct with world over and the poor DJ condemned for ever without any examination of the facts, or even just an examination of the facts as reported.

A commenter used the the word "cavalier". Cavalier is a word frequently used by those in a position of power to vilify in one word, someone they don't like, cause them prejudice while rarely dealing the evidence and the law.

Judges can't use four letter words in court so they have their own distinct "vulgar" vocabulary that's equally revolting and insulting as the worst profanities that are obviously unacceptable in polite language.

The word Cavalier is one of those words used to insult, degrade, humiliate and to cause the gravest of prejudice generally without any trial and, often to prevent a trial or to prevent any examination of the facts by a pre-emptory strike with the one of those words that could be described as a "silver bullet".

It falls into the same category as "when did you last stop beating your wife".

This is a favorite word used by Family Court Judges to describe generally men, you rarely ever hear of a woman referred to as "cavalier".



The Radio Station should face a severe fine. This was "A Stunt", an extremely poor taste stunt and it hit PayDirt with the girls answer, that she had been raped.

The Radio Station was probably on a time delay, it should have been CUT right there and then to prevent it from being "aired".

The Radio Station and its directors apparently are of the greedy sort, more interested than ratings than ethical behaviour which often does not win ratings but at least, they keep their honourable reputations.

The Radio Station, gave the command, the naive DJ, did what he was told, apparently gifted numerous abilities and talents. At that particular moment, the DJ, must have been caught unawares, his station told him to engage in a very controversial interview and he did what he was paid to do.

It is the Radio Station, who bears the largest responsibility for the destruction of the DJ's career.

As for the young lady, she has a mother who is lacking in the most basic of parenting skills.

Now, where is the young ladies father?

Obviously, we have not heard the end of this story.

Lets hope Australians can get past the knee jerk reactions of political correctness.