Bryant leaves helm of Invest Toronto after cyclist dies

Former Ontario AG says he's innocent of charges laid in courier's death

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 |

Former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant announced his resignation as CEO of Invest Toronto Wednesday, a day after criminal charges were laid against him in the death of a bicycle courier.

On Tuesday, Bryant was charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death in the wake of an alleged confrontation with courier Darcy Allan Sheppard Monday night.

Sheppard, 33, died of head injuries sustained after he was dragged along a stretch of Toronto's Bloor Street.

As he offered his resignation Wednesday, Bryant said in a statement that he's innocent of the accusations against him.

"Let me be clear: I am innocent of the very serious accusations made against me," Bryant said in a letter written to Toronto Mayor David Miller.

"I do not believe, however, that I can continue in this position on account of the circumstances of the past two days."

Bryant was appointed last May to head Invest Toronto, the city's new business development agency tasked with promoting the city to investors.

Miller issued his own statement a short time after Bryant's statement was released to the media, saying he accepts Bryant's resignation. He also called the events of Monday night "tragic and sad on many levels."

Police say Sheppard grabbed onto Bryant's car following an alleged altercation with Bryant. Witnesses say Bryant drove away with Sheppard hanging on to the side of the vehicle. The cyclist, who was on foot when he took hold of the car, then fell and suffered fatal injuries.

The car was later photographed parked nearby with its top down.

Sheppard's girlfriend says he was drinking the night he died. Police have said they responded to a call about Sheppard at the woman's apartment barely an hour before his death.

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Commentary by the ottawa mens centre


Bryant's complete lack of remorse speaks volumes.

He knew or ought to have know, the moment he stepped on the gas , that he was about to end the man's life. When he decided to accelerate to 90K going down the wrong side of the road and aiming Sheppards body at lamp posts and mail boxes that he was going to kill him.

No, Bryant may be innocent of criminal negligence, he is more probably guilty of Murder.

Now watch the establishment do everything it can to help one of their own out.

This is the old boys school at its best. If Bryant was anyone else, it would be a very very different story.

His facial expression says "God help me keep my mouth shut".

Only one problem, keeping his mouth shut fails to show any remorse and thats part of his high stakes poker game , he is allready betting that he will get off. All by Blame the Victim.

Posted 3:10 pm




Notice the Lobby Posts?
The CBC should take a close look at the incredible number of very obvious Lobby Posts on behalf of Michael Bryant, These posts have all the bells and whistles of having been written by experts who like to play with the facts, that is, write a number of facts that most readers will agree to and then conclude with a comment that will be read as a criminal defense.

Take the classic "Sounds like the drunk cyclist / drunk freak, caused this and charges should be dropped...

Readers should read the Pro Brant posts very carefully, they appear to be part of concerted publicity effort to control the political and legal damage to Michael Bryant.

Mr. Bryan't has a long history of acting impulsively, acting with out thinking.
When you do that and kill someone its M U R D E R,

He knew he had an anger problem and what did he do about it?
He let it control him, but that's not an acceptable criminal defense.

So far, the best they can think of is "Blame the Victim", That would have us all say the Victim deserve to die because he pissed off Michael Bryant.

Mr. Bryant's lack of compassion and anger are just two facets of personality disorders commonly shared by those who kill another human being for inexcusable reasons. Mr. Bryant would have us believe that his taking of another human life in a moment of Road Rage was justified because "he was afraid"..

Mr. Bryant has leaned his lessons well, the entire Ontario court system is corrupted by "I was afraid of him" and put's innocent men in jail by the thousands. Its part of Ontario's War on Men, a semi official program of Male Gender Apartheid and Mr. Bryant will now play that same old tune until the public are sick of it.

This is one trial that won't be going to a Jury.




Mr Bryant's hiring of a Public Relations Firm who are SWAMPING forums such as this CBC forum is tantamount to an attempt to Obstruct Justice.

Its also tantamount to an admission by Mr. Bryant that in the Court of Public Opinion that he is as guilty as hell.

NOTICE how Mr. Bryan'ts publicity team is hitting Approve of its own articles and disapprove of anyone that points out what they are up to?

JUST WHY is Mr. Bryant attempting to insult the intelligence of Canadians?

I'm not fooled, its VERY ... VERY OBVIOUS, its so blatantly Obvious that it will go down in history as perhaps the very first criminal trial where such an incredible effort was made by the ACCUSED to Manipulate the Court of Public Opinion.

It makes you wonder who will take money to help Mr. Bryant with his Highly Improper publicity campaign.

Mr. Bryant should take some time to reflect on the trail of destroyed lives left behind by his Department that cares little about justice but protecting the Cartel that Mr. Bryant is part of.

3:33 pm