It's hockey first, immigrants told

Ottawa's new citizenship guide instructs would-be Canadians on popular sports, history, multiculturalism – and country's three founding peoples

Bill Curry and Joe Friesen

Ottawa and Toronto — The Globe and Mail Published on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009

It's NHL hockey, CFL football then curling. In that order. Knowing this will place would-be Canadians one step closer to passing the new citizenship study guide released today by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

“Hockey is Canada's most popular spectator sport and is considered to be the national winter sport,” states the document. “Canadian football is the second most popular sport. Curling, an ice game introduced by Scottish pioneers, is popular.”

The 62-page document covers off all the basics of Canadian history, from early aboriginal settlements to the War of 1812 and multiculturalism.

But it also stresses that the equality of men and women will not be compromised.





Commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

Canada fails in its obligations to warn potential immigrants that half the population men, have NO legal rights.

Every MALE potential immigrant should be warned, Canada practices a "Male Sharia Law".
Example in Sharia law, a man can divorce a woman by saying aloud 3 times "I divorce you".

In Canada, its a lot easier for women who are given the special right to just dial three digits on any telephone, 9-1-1 and its treated as a real 9-11. It does not matter if he has blood dripping down his face and she has bruises on her knuckles, HE is going to jail and HE will not see his kids for a long long time.

Canadian Family Courts believe almost any crazy story a mother tells. Its assumed to be the truth, a reverse onus applies to any male.

Ontario has a system that allows any woman to just "suggest" an income for child support without any evidence of any income and get support not just for that amount but retroactive for over ten years previously. If he can't pay it, its an a guaranteed eventual jail sentence , it may take several years but Ontario Jails are now overflowing with father's who are the victims of fabricated orders for support based on incomes that did not exist or cannot exist.

These orders are generally made as "REVENGE" for a father asking the courts to enforce a child's right to access.

Immigrants need to know that Canada's worst child abusers' are not in jail, they sit in black robes, they are the underbelly of the Ontario Family Court Judiciary. Some like the dishonourable Allan Sheffield are well known to be corrupt and make decisions for their friends.

Immigrants need to know that judges like Power and Sheffield of Ottawa routinely "strike pleadings" and make draconian orders that are contrary to the very principles of fundamental justice that make them the greatest insults to justice anywhere.

Canadian denies Men legal rights, their only value is as s-p-e-r-m and child support.