Don Jail prisoner charged in beating of fellow inmate

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail Published on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009 12:00AM EST

Toronto police have charged a 25-year-old prisoner at the Don Jail with aggravated assault for allegedly beating another prisoner so severely the victim is still in critical condition in hospital nearly two weeks after the altercation. Police say Jason Gardner assaulted the other prisoner during the lunch hour Nov. 11. Earlier this month another prisoner, 32-year-old Jeff Munro, was beaten to death at the jail, allegedly after a fight over a bag of potato chips. Three men have been charged with first-degree murder. Staff



commentary by the Ottawa Mens Centre

A rare example even though assaults against prisoners happen every day.

While the public automatically condemn any one in jail as a criminal, the fact is, a very large number of "prisoners" have never been convicted of any criminal offence.

Firstly, you have an Ontario Government engaged in a War on Men, any allegation by a woman almost automatically results in arrest of the male no matter if he has blood pouring out his mouth and she has cut knuckles.

Secondly, the underbelly of the Ontario Judiciary, such as Sheffield and Power, issue draconian orders that order men to pay child support based on fictitious amounts. These orders, are specifically designed to END a child's relationship with their father, its the very worst most damaging CHILD ABUSE.

Ontario jails are filled with Men, loving fathers, who never hurt anyone, never committed any crime other than that of being born with testicles and having the balls to ask a judge for an order to enforce a child's right to a relationship with their father.

Its judges like Allan Sheffield, Denis Power, Robert Man, Sheryl Robertson who flagrantly abuse their judicial powers to make draconian orders that are guaranteed to put "fathers in jail" for no other reason than their own pathological indoctrinated hatred towards men.

Assaults in jail are often establishment related, if a prisoner has annoyed the establishment, the establishment is just as likely to label him as a child abuser, a wife beater, without any evidence, contrary to the evidence and an innocent man gets bashed to death or at least, lives in the terror of that probability.

Its the underbelly of Ontario's judiciary that commit criminal offences with impunity and total immunity and, totally alienate children from their fathers.

Alan Sheffield and DeniPower are two of Canada's worst of the worst who deserve to be incarcerated and recognized for their long history as Canada's worst child abusers.