Funeral arrangements set for slain woman

CFB Trenton base commander Colonel Russell Williams is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jessica Lloyd.


BELLEVILLE, Ont. The Canadian Press


Funeral arrangement have been finalized for Jessica Lloyd, whose body was discovered Monday near Tweed, Ont.

The Belleville, Ont., woman was reported missing on Jan. 29 after she failed to show up at work at a transportation company in Napanee.

Visitation for family and friends will be held on Friday afternoon and evening at the John R. Bush Funeral Home in Belleville.

The funeral service for the 27-year-old woman will be in the funeral home's chapel on Saturday starting at 1 p.m. ET.

CFB Trenton base commander Colonel Russell Williams is charged with first-degree murder in Ms. Lloyd's death.

He faces the same charge in the death of Corporal Marie-France Comeau, whose body was found last November. Col. Williams is also charged in two sexual assaults and will appear in court via video on Feb. 18.




The Police forces have excelled themselves in this particular case and now Canadian society needs to deal with the aftermath and treat this with the same respect as the crash of Air Force One suddenly falling out of the sky and landing on parliament hill.

There is a real difference, this case is easy to solve, its not rocket science but the science of what creates psychopaths.

Psychopaths can be male or more likely female.

There are several common denominators.

Williams grew up apparently in a boarding school, without knowing any of the facts of his childhood, one common trait of psychopaths is skeletons in the family closet, typically a denial of love and affection, the absence of a normal loving functional family.

Canada promotes psychopathic personalities, it does this by a male sharia law, male gender apartheid that alienates children from their fathers, denies boys and girls, an equal relationship with their fathers.

The women primarily responsible for this criminal type behaviour get their actions "blessed" in the form of Family Court Orders issued by none other than the underbelly of the judiciary, who are more than likely "psychopaths".

If you ask around Ottawa, ask ANY lawyer, and if you actually know a Superior Court Judges who trusts that you won't repeat them will tell you, that the worst of the worst in Canada is none other than the dishonourable Allan Sheffield.

The other psychopath in the Ottawa Superior Court Family Division chambers is Denis Power. These two judges have a propensity to cause harm, pain and suffering that is unimaginable to the public.

Their claim to fame is to ensure that fathers never see their children again and place their children probably with a female psychopath.

Canada's future psychopaths are being churned out in the thousands by Ontario Family Court and for that you can thank the very worst child abusers in Canada. "the underbelly of the judiciary".