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Friday, March 19, 2010 3:12 PM

Is Michael Ignatieff engaging with youth
or using kids as props?

Jane Taber


1. Not: high-school politics. Michael Ignatieff is engaging directly with young people, the Liberals say. The Conservatives, however, say he is using children as partisan props.

“Ignatieff’s Liberals shouldn’t use our kids to promote their political agenda,” says a new Tory internal memo, dripping with outrage and incredulity. “It just demonstrates that Ignatieff isn’t in it for Canadians. He’s just in it for himself.”

This is one of the party’s more amusing internal memos. In it Conservatives are critical of the Liberal Leader for going to a Newfoundland high school – he has been on a weeklong cross-Canada tour – where a “giant banner” with the logo of the Grits’ upcoming policy conference in Montreal is displayed.

The Conservative Party memo, which was sent to their MPs, supporters and officials, says the banner was “organized and paid for” by the Liberals. “This was apparently against the local school board’s own stated policy on political campaigning in schools.”

And the school policy is attached. It says that political candidates “will not be permitted to campaign in school during school hours.”

There is also a link to a local newspaper article showing Mr. Ignatieff talking to the students with the banner in the background.

Says a senior Ignatieff official: “First, let’s deal with the facts: there are no Liberal signs or logos anywhere, so I don’t know what their problem is.

“Second, I know they don’t like the fact that Michael Ignatieff is engaging directly with young people. Stephen Harper needs a few days to select questions and prepare his boilerplate answers – which are not more interesting because they are on YouTube.”

2. Hot: fishing with Jim Prentice. How much is the federal Environment Minister worth to you? He let himself be auctioned off at the annual fundraising dinner for conservation group Trout Unlimited last night in Calgary.

And he was the most expensive date of all: For $8,900, two of the guests at the auction get to go fishing with him for a day.

Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith will be joined by eight others for a dinner that went for $3,500 and $2,500 was bid on a day of hunting for three with Alberta Finance Minister Ted Morton.

(File photo: Christinne Muschi/Reuters)







Come on, this is what you call a either a pre-emptive or retaliatory strike for either Harpers endless PR organized pics with "young people" or a retaliatory response to the criticism Harper has received for his chronic use of children and youth as background props, all of which will fool most Canadians most of the time (who don't have the brains or intelligence to discern the difference).

As for Michael Ignatieff? well he has yet to demonstrate one iota of leadership ability, he lacks that Obama or Rudd charisma, which he will never have that begs the question, of who will replace Harper? Harper? Hate to say it but Igi just does not have it, the next alternative is the leader of the block, he has it but Canadians can't vote for him, YET.

Then there is that old stale, Morally and ethically corrupt, Taliban Jack who has not got a chance in hell of ever being Canada's first Man Hating Prime Minister.

Jack Layton is famous for his support of extreme feminists who believe that men have no other use than cperm donors or child support payors, which begs the question as to who would want Jack as the father of their children? Only another crazy lesbian who hates men.

Its time for a change, a real change from the stale corrupt world of Canadian Politics.